Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Soccer Tournament won - and other side notes.

This last Saturday Elias' last game in soccer ended well. They won the game and the time for the tournament game was at 5:00. The tournament game was intense! The teams were neck to neck for a while. The Black team gave our yellow team a run for our money. Near the end of the game the police had to be called in! One of the young boys' mother told her son - thinking that she could not be heard :( - to "take the the boy who was scoring most of the goals out". Yes! that is what she said! She told her son to take the boy out! Well...The boy "obeyed" and tripped the goal boy so well that the boy rolled! Of course the Referees called that and then the mother got all - not nice.Well, that is when the police were called in. Thankfully, all things were settled without violence. When the game ended, we found that our team had won! It was very exciting to see all of us get so worked up! Even my grandparents were getting into it!

The next day was Sunday. Another one of those wonderful Sundays that you don't want to end. The Sermon was very convicting. It was about Vain Worship. :| Pastor H. talked about how "our works" tend to get in the way of our worship, because we see our works as what WE have done for God. Instead of us seeing what God has done for us.

Today has been very nice. Mom went to her birthday lunch with her Dad and I stayed home with the littles. While Mom was gone, I made an Apple pie to take to the Reformation Party we are going to tonight. I hope to have lots of things to tell! Last year we played Musical Chairs - with adults! Talk about some hilarious memories! The pastor ended up jumping on my dad and completely/practically/rolled over him/missed him and fell on the floor! Or whatever he did! :P He was alright! Ah...We laughed SOSOOS hard!
The Apple Pie I made:
I didn't tell Daddy I was making it....I hope he is surprised! :)

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  1. I hope the party went well... even if musical chairs was on the agenda.


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