Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A New Tradition

The thought or the idea of it started with studying the Sabbath one Bible Study. Well, everyone knows how an idea works. You think of it, then you think a little bit more, and then you use it.  The idea has worked so far and it has made our Sundays - Sabbaths - more restful.

Let me tell you how our tradition now starts.

On Saturday we prepare and clean everything that can be done before sundown. Sundown is when the sabbath begins. There is no Television on the Sabbath. We either go to some friends house or go home and spend time with each other. I am sure we will have people over sometime after church too. :)  On Sunday evening we look to the sky for three stars. The three stars represent the Trinity and the end of the Sabbath.

It does not seem like much when I write it down....but it is wonderful to be able to enjoy ourselves on Sunday and come home to a neat home. ;)

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