Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Made Butter!!!

You know how you sometimes have those spontaneous thoughts that really, you have no idea where they came from..? I know that I do..and today happened to be one of those days where I had an awesome spontaneous thought. My thought: "Can you make butter in an electrice mixer? If you could it definitely would be lots quicker to make!" So, I looked it up and sure enough! You can! Hurrah! I was so happy to find it out. My one fear was that it wouldn't turn out for me like it did for the person that wrote the blog I read. But it did!!! Here is the blog I scanned over and learned from. The pics are the pics of the butter I made! Hopefully we will be having lots more homemade butter! I was really proud of myself... not to brag or anything... ;)

Before it goes into butter making stage it is whipped topping! ;) 

I hope you try making your own! It tastes SOOOOO GOOD and it's so much better for you! The blog I posted above didn't mention how to add salt... But you ONLY need 1/2 tsp of salt to ONE pound of butter! Mine made about a fourth a pound and so I obviously used 1/8 a tsp.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mammoth Springs // Fourth of July Weekend

I am so behind in posting the goings on in life! We actually took a summer trip this year! Dad had a 3 day weekend fourth of July weekend and we, actually Dad, planned a trip and picnic to Mammoth springs! I haven't been there since I was at least 10 and I was glad to go and see it again, since things tend to fade in your memory of how they look or what the memories are... ;) Mom made her wonderful recipe of picnic chicken, and for sides we bought fruit, chips, and made some chocolate pudding! We were all so full! Here are some pictures from the trip:

Fathers and Daughters

All the siblings....Well...until Dec. From left to right: Christian (17), Petra (19), Li'ora (2), Emma (4), Malachi (6), Elias (10), Jericho (13)

Mom and Dad...Oh yeah... and Jedidiah is in the picture too. ;) You just can't see him yet. :D

My brother took this picture with his phone... I stole the pictures about from my Mom's facebook page which she took with her really good camera.. :D :D 
On the fourth we went to town and watched the firework display! It was a really pretty display. ;)