Thursday, January 23, 2014

From House to *Home*

The house we stayed in for 4 years.
 Yes. We have finally finished moving every thing that was inside our house. It took 5 days and several Suburban loads to get it here. But, praise God, we are finally here. I have discovered that the hardest part about moving is unpacking everything. You tell/ask yourself: "Why did I keep that?", or "You know, I keep saying I am going to do something with this one day, but I have had it for 2-5 years... I think it's time for it to go.... And so... 25% of the load you moved goes out the door. That's the good thing about a smaller house. You don't have room for junk, so you don't keep it. ;)

Now for a Tour.... ;)
This is the road we have to drive up to get to our house. It is about an 8th of a mile and is the prettiest drive I have ever seen. This is where you pull up to our house. I will take pictures later of the road entrance to the house. ;)

This my friends, is our home. It's so nice to stay in a place that you know is yours. A place you know you can always call home. It looks so much prettier in person and I hope I can give you a tour one day. ;)
Our very own *Home*


After we got back from signing the papers, we immediately packed the kitchen and loaded the beds and couches. It was ours and we were GOING to spend the first night in our home.
This is what the sunset looked like that night. I wish my camera on my  phone would have captured it a little better.  

Sleeping Babes. They were worn out from the days trip and excitement.

Getting everything put in place. ;) Our living room is huge BTW. Bigger than our last house's living room.

 The next morning we were all up early. Before sunrise. When the sun came up our front door made this prism on the wall. It was sooo pretty!

Malachi reads his book to Emma. :) (on the carpet! We are so excited to have carpet again. :D )

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today is the Day

Friday Morning.  It's 6:00am. The house is a busy hum of voices and rustlings.... Today was finally the day.   The Family is ready, and in the vehicle before sunrise. The excitement grows as everyone realizes that it's real. Today is the day. The day in which we go from house to a home. Our home. No one else's. It was going to be ours. That perfect little house we looked at the week before. The one set off the road, inside a beautiful grove of trees. It was going to be ours. OURS... it still seamed far away...The vehicle goes on. The sun rises. The Lord seems to show his blessing through HIS Sunrise. Through His earth, He shows his majesty... Once again, our minds turn to Him and the house he saved and provided for us. Today... is the Day. And realty sinks in...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Created A Book List for 2014

I have begun to believe that there is a certain charm about books. You get lost in their stories, glean knowledge from their words, and your everyday sanity stays in check by simply sitting down and calmly reading a book. Looking back over last year, I found that I had only read 16 books last year.... I was rather disgusted with that. And sought to change it. Inspired by a good friend, I began my list. At first it didn't come along to well. But then I went through my "To-Read" GoodReads board.

This is the list I have so far. I am sure I will be add and deleting some throughout the year. ;)
If you would like, I am keeping my list on Pinterest. Follow the link to see them.

My Book List

Twelfth Night - by Shakespear (Free Kindle Book

Wives and Daughters - by Elizabeth Gaskel (Free Kindle Book) - Finished on March 26th, 2014

Emma - by Jane Austen (Free Kindle Book)

A Tale of Two Cities - by Charles Dickens (Free Kindle Book) ~ Finished on February 9th, 2014 (4 1/2 stars)

Nickolas Nickleby - by Charles Dickens (Free Kindle Book)

Les Miserables - by Victor Hugo (Free Kindle Book)

The Great Divorce - by C.S. Lewis - Finished in May

Suprised by Joy - by C. S. Lewis - Finished in April

Live Like A Narnian - by Joe Rigney

The Hidding Place - by Corrie Ten Boom

 The Basket of Flowers - by Christoph Von Schmid Finished on January 30ish

Singled Our for Him - by Nancy Lee Demoss -Finished on February 1st

Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free - by Nancy Lee Demoss

Teach Them Diligently - by Louis Priole

Battling Unbelief - by John Piper

The Snow Queen - by Hans Christian Anderson (Free Kindle book) - Finished March 27th, 2014

Found God's Will - by John McAurthor (Free Kindle book for a limited time only..)

NRSV Bible

I hope you have fun making a reading list for this year... Or at least have fun reading. It sure makes the winter days go by better. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Little Memories - We Played Scrabble

Yes. We played Scrabble. Christian, Jericho and I. (Elias had begun the game with us, but decided he was done a little while later.) These are the conversations that followed...

Christian had a stinky "hand" of letters. He asked me if I would trade and "I" for a "U". Before I could really answer Jericho picks up one of his tiles and says: "I'll trade you an "I" for an "I".  ;) I quickly followed up with the next line: "And a tooth for a tooth" It was very comical. :D

Another Funny thing was said during our Scrabble game. But I will have to explain what happened the night before, for you to get it. We had sold some wood and were delivering it. A Certain person ( I won't say who...) was throwing wood out of the truck for the other person to split. At one point I had gone around the truck and as I was coming back through not paying attention to my surroundings - and don't forget it's dark out- when I walked into a thrown piece of wood. WOW did that hurt! It hit me right beside my eye. My eyes and nose watered like crazy all that evening. I was so thankful that I could still see and that my nose was not broke! It was all an accident, and I am so thankful for the Lord's protection. But now... on to the scrabble story...

Christian was getting impatient for me to play my turn...( The tiles I had were kinda hard to make a word out of.) Finally he says in a playful tone: "Would you hurry up you 'black eyed 'P' !" I couldn't help but laugh!!! :D

Last night Dad made our dinner. It was a very delicious! Thanks Dad! :)

Emma was watching me make pancakes (a.k.a. Pan-uh-cakes in Emma's book).... as I added the flour mixture to the liquid mixture she says to me: "it's going to become 'dough ray me'." It's funny how their minds translate songs for what they know.. not what they mean. :) ;)

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Goldy Locks. :D

Several years ago, before my little sister was born, I went and stayed at a dear friends house. While I was there she had this GRAND IDEA to put rag curlers in my hair... well... I felt rather silly with all those curlers in my hair, but I wore them... (and it made for a good memory.) ;) When morning came half of them had fallen out and my hair hadn't taken to curling. It hardly ever does. :( But! my sisters hair curls wonderfully!! And yesterday, I had that... GRAND IDEA! :D ;) 
It turned out so adorable and she loved every minute of it. ;)

Before Bed

Morning Time. ;)

New Years Eve

Like most people our family always stays up till the stroke of midnight on new years eve...This year we did it a little differently. My Grandparents came over for awhile and visited with us. My uncle did too. He was down for a week and we had a blast visiting with him. 

My Grandparents stayed for the snacks but left about 9:30 ish... After that the game began.

Phase Ten Dice... I couldn't help but take a close up. I love close ups.. don't ask me why. :P

My Uncle ended up not staying till midnight and half of my family fell asleep... But the oldest Children and Dad stayed up and waited.... At 11:50 we went outside and waited for the count down. The stroke of midnight came with a loud boom!! All the Redneck Doniphanites shot off their guns... It's always been a tradition in our little town to start the new year off with a grand shoot off. ;)

It was fun....! :D

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Little Memories - from I don't know when....

There have been several Little Memories for a while now... Though most of them will become unread. Simply because, I didn't have the time to right them down. But here are a few that I remember.

Emma says to Mom one day: "When I grow up like Petra Pooh, I am going to eat all the butter!"
She apparently loves butter. :)

One day we were in the Bluff. shoe shopping for one of the boys. We arrived at Payless, and everyone went on in. I got the baby our of her seat and entered the store. As soon as I stepped inside Li'ora spreads her hands out and says: "Shoes!!! Shoes!!!" in a VERY excited manner! She loves shoes... Esp. if they have glitter. ;) This picture describes her excitement:

Well...that's all folks... Hopefully, this year,  I can keep better track of what they say. ;)