Monday, January 20, 2014

Today is the Day

Friday Morning.  It's 6:00am. The house is a busy hum of voices and rustlings.... Today was finally the day.   The Family is ready, and in the vehicle before sunrise. The excitement grows as everyone realizes that it's real. Today is the day. The day in which we go from house to a home. Our home. No one else's. It was going to be ours. That perfect little house we looked at the week before. The one set off the road, inside a beautiful grove of trees. It was going to be ours. OURS... it still seamed far away...The vehicle goes on. The sun rises. The Lord seems to show his blessing through HIS Sunrise. Through His earth, He shows his majesty... Once again, our minds turn to Him and the house he saved and provided for us. Today... is the Day. And realty sinks in...

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