Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Created A Book List for 2014

I have begun to believe that there is a certain charm about books. You get lost in their stories, glean knowledge from their words, and your everyday sanity stays in check by simply sitting down and calmly reading a book. Looking back over last year, I found that I had only read 16 books last year.... I was rather disgusted with that. And sought to change it. Inspired by a good friend, I began my list. At first it didn't come along to well. But then I went through my "To-Read" GoodReads board.

This is the list I have so far. I am sure I will be add and deleting some throughout the year. ;)
If you would like, I am keeping my list on Pinterest. Follow the link to see them.

My Book List

Twelfth Night - by Shakespear (Free Kindle Book

Wives and Daughters - by Elizabeth Gaskel (Free Kindle Book) - Finished on March 26th, 2014

Emma - by Jane Austen (Free Kindle Book)

A Tale of Two Cities - by Charles Dickens (Free Kindle Book) ~ Finished on February 9th, 2014 (4 1/2 stars)

Nickolas Nickleby - by Charles Dickens (Free Kindle Book)

Les Miserables - by Victor Hugo (Free Kindle Book)

The Great Divorce - by C.S. Lewis - Finished in May

Suprised by Joy - by C. S. Lewis - Finished in April

Live Like A Narnian - by Joe Rigney

The Hidding Place - by Corrie Ten Boom

 The Basket of Flowers - by Christoph Von Schmid Finished on January 30ish

Singled Our for Him - by Nancy Lee Demoss -Finished on February 1st

Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free - by Nancy Lee Demoss

Teach Them Diligently - by Louis Priole

Battling Unbelief - by John Piper

The Snow Queen - by Hans Christian Anderson (Free Kindle book) - Finished March 27th, 2014

Found God's Will - by John McAurthor (Free Kindle book for a limited time only..)

NRSV Bible

I hope you have fun making a reading list for this year... Or at least have fun reading. It sure makes the winter days go by better. :)

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