Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life goes on....

It's true. Life goes on. Each day bringing something new. Maybe, we don't see what was new that day, but its there. It could be as simple as a day with sunshine. Or as simple as someone learning a new sound. That is a new thought...:)

The past week or more has been quite busy. Planning for the parade. Bible Studies, school, cleaning, laundry....And as I said in my title: Life goes on.

We had company last night. It was very enjoyable. While eating dinner, One of my friends showed me the meatloaf she was eating. There was a fly in it! We couldn't stop laughing! How awful! I was proud of her though. 'Cause most people would stop eating after that. But she didn't. She kept eating, while inspecting every bite. :P We were still laughing about it hours later. Hahahah!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Memories: August

Last Friday, Mom took me to get my ears pierced. The piercing kinda felt like a wasp sting. Just without the swelling and poison. :P The earings I am wearing are my birthstone. The Garnet. Emma was watching the entire time. Her face was that of: "Well, there is no way you are going to do that to me." When asked by the beautician if she wanted her ears pierced she said a polite but solid "No". :D

A few days ago I was teaching  Malachi how to write the letter "a". After I showed him, I turning to other "teacher prep". I here him ask me, "is this right?"
Me: "No, write it like I showed you."
Malachi: "But, I want to write it like yours..."
My handwriting is a bit fancy. It was flattering that he likes it enough to want to copy sissy. :)

Yesterday, Emma and Li'ora were playing with Peanut. Our dog. He is very good with little children. Anyway, Emma says to Li'ora somewhat distressed: "Don't pinch my Peanut! He is my friend!"
It was cute, but we had to tell Emma that Li'ora is not hurting Peanut.

Dad went out to eat with Papa B. last night. When he came home Christian had a job. He is now working full time at County Tractor and Equipment. He is growing up.....:) :| Today is his first day. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday Night the 11th.

At about 3 in the afternoon we all loaded up and headed to Big Springs. For those of you who have not been to Big Springs, here is there website with some pictures. Though the pictures do not do it justice. Pictures can never do justice to the beauty of God's world.

After hiking for an hour and a half we came back to the picnic sight, visiting with the Co-op group and seeing 7 or so deer. They are so used to people that they hardly noticed our presence. :) After dinner and all we headed over to the Jolly Cone. A wonderfully Yummy ice cream stop/picnic area.

When that was all over, we headed to the Drive-in. An outdoor theater. Upon the days fun, the movie and shooting stars we saw; we all came home and crashed in our beds. Literally...crashed.  That is the summary of our trip on the 11th. Mom and Dad's dating Anniversary. :) 20 years together. I couldn't ask for better parents. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Emily Stays a Night

Friday night of last week the Galens stopped by. Emily, their daughter, is almost 13 and she stayed the night with me. On Saturday- we did all sorts of things.We had a photo shoot. After we took all of our photos, we uploaded them to the computer and FB. That is after tweeking them a little. :)

We made friendship bracelets. We were going to use whatever colors we wanted and turned out that we both ended up using similar colors. :)  She is wearing the one I made and I am wearing the one she made. :)
After that we went and had a photo shoot. Here are some of the photos.

The photo below is the original photo. The one above is a tweeked. 1960's or something. :)

This is the original photo. The one above is a tweeked. 1960's or something. :) This one <<< is just blurred on the edges.

We were trying to figure out what pose would be best. :P We ended up liking them all. :)

These are the ones we went wild with. :) :P

<<<I love how this one turned out!
I had a friend tell me that this is where "Petra is in the Nuclear Holocaust!"

 This is not one we went wild with. I really like how it turned out though. :)

Last one....Another one we went wild on.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Boy! and a flunked test....

Jericho's birthday was on the 2nd. He celebrated his 11th year. For dinner we had lasagna and for desert we had Chocolate Chip cookies. We made them together. :)

He received 11 gifts. Books, flying helicopters, a movie, cards, and some other things. Grandma and Papa Rh. came over and celebrated with us. 

Me, Well, I took my driving test yesterday. And flunked! I was disappointed and mad at myself that I broke down and cried. I got a very nice teacher and she praised me on what I was really good at; like parallel parking and checking blind spots. :) She also told me what I needed to work on. Hopefully, I can pass it on the 16th. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." ;)

What's Happenin' ?

Well...Not much. Not much to report anyway. :P

Last Friday, Mom and I went to a Co-op meeting. That was enjoyable. :)

Saturday, we CLEANED house. Saturday night we had Bible Study. We had a new family come. The Dale's are a wonderful family! I loved how they - how we- did not lose our tempers and acted like Christians studying the Bible. :)

Sunday, we went to church. I am beginning to love this church. It was hard to make the transfer from GC to SGRC. But now I don't like missing a Sunday. :)

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Monday and Tuesday night the Blackshear mowing business mowed two lawns. While we were mowing, I looked up into our friends big front window to see 3 little girls waving away. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Memories: Part 2 of July

Last week I wanted to try my future wedding gown on to see if it would fit better. It was to tight the last time I tried it on and since I have lost 10 pounds I thought it might be worth a try.  When I came out of the closet Emma says: "Hehe. Your a princess. " She just about made my day. Then later after I had taken it back off and put it away, I came to see where she was and she goes: "Ahhhh. Where's your dress?" She thought I was going to where it all day. :)

We (Malachi, Emma, and I)  made bookmarks today. I gave Christian 3 and he showed them off to Mom. He said it was much better than the Barns and Noble bookmarks that Mom looked at for him. :)

Emma fried her first batch of scrambled eggs! She did a wonderful job. She loves to work in the kitchen!

I filled the hummingbird feeders up and they have been swarming the feeders! They are a so wonderfully designed! Thank you Lord for the beauty in nature.

Emma has gotten to where she is always telling me that she likes me. The other night we had been in bed and as I was reading, I heard Emma say: " I like you..."
Me: *Sigh* Not again. "I like you too Emma."
Emma: " I was not talking to you! I was talking to my Eeyo!" Eeyo means her stuffed Eeyore. :)

Emma and Malachi were going to go swimming. I told them it would be in the little pool. The Kiddy Pool. So Malachi asks if we will be getting in the kitten pool. :) :P

Elias the other day was talking about what he had seen out of the corner of his eye, only he said: " I saw it on the tip of my eye. ;)