Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life goes on....

It's true. Life goes on. Each day bringing something new. Maybe, we don't see what was new that day, but its there. It could be as simple as a day with sunshine. Or as simple as someone learning a new sound. That is a new thought...:)

The past week or more has been quite busy. Planning for the parade. Bible Studies, school, cleaning, laundry....And as I said in my title: Life goes on.

We had company last night. It was very enjoyable. While eating dinner, One of my friends showed me the meatloaf she was eating. There was a fly in it! We couldn't stop laughing! How awful! I was proud of her though. 'Cause most people would stop eating after that. But she didn't. She kept eating, while inspecting every bite. :P We were still laughing about it hours later. Hahahah!

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