Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Memories: Part 2 of July

Last week I wanted to try my future wedding gown on to see if it would fit better. It was to tight the last time I tried it on and since I have lost 10 pounds I thought it might be worth a try.  When I came out of the closet Emma says: "Hehe. Your a princess. " She just about made my day. Then later after I had taken it back off and put it away, I came to see where she was and she goes: "Ahhhh. Where's your dress?" She thought I was going to where it all day. :)

We (Malachi, Emma, and I)  made bookmarks today. I gave Christian 3 and he showed them off to Mom. He said it was much better than the Barns and Noble bookmarks that Mom looked at for him. :)

Emma fried her first batch of scrambled eggs! She did a wonderful job. She loves to work in the kitchen!

I filled the hummingbird feeders up and they have been swarming the feeders! They are a so wonderfully designed! Thank you Lord for the beauty in nature.

Emma has gotten to where she is always telling me that she likes me. The other night we had been in bed and as I was reading, I heard Emma say: " I like you..."
Me: *Sigh* Not again. "I like you too Emma."
Emma: " I was not talking to you! I was talking to my Eeyo!" Eeyo means her stuffed Eeyore. :)

Emma and Malachi were going to go swimming. I told them it would be in the little pool. The Kiddy Pool. So Malachi asks if we will be getting in the kitten pool. :) :P

Elias the other day was talking about what he had seen out of the corner of his eye, only he said: " I saw it on the tip of my eye. ;)

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