Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunsets, Pigs, Yardwork, and Flowers

Last night ended up being warmer and not rainy - unlike what the weather men told us. - I don't think they really know what the weather is... I think they just guess and sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. Like I have said before; they are not God. :) - The men  of the house, took advantage of the weather and went out to clear fence lines. As I may have said before, when we moved in we had alot! of brush to clear. So... that's what every nice day has been having us do... clear brush! ;) 

I took advantage of taking some pictures while they -the men- were working. ;)
I told Mom last night that because the weather is nice we are able to DO things and get to blog them. :D

The sunset
These pigs, I thought were not even paying attention to me when I took the picture. I think it's funny how the 2 big one look like they are posing for the camera. :P Christian is the pig farmer around here. I told him that I was going to start calling him "Farmer Giles of Ham". :D (BTW... that is a Lord of the Rings quote/name. Just in case you are Lord of the Rings illiterate.) :P :D

These bigger pigs will be going to market soonish. :)

Watching Christian cut a tree...

Dad directing Christian

Li'ora (aka. Sugar Biscuit) is saying cheese for me. ;) I love this pic!

Moving branches to the burn.

Malachi was telling me something. ;)

Li'ora handing Mom a daffodil.

Picking up the last of it all.

The daffodils on the back of our property.

The sun had already gone down quite a bit; I had wanted to get the sun right behind the daffodils but it ended up being lower that I wanted. It still turned out pretty awesome though.

Using the brush cutter.

Fidget. I have been training her and she has been pretty good about listening. ;) She is also very adorable and loves people. 

Hugging Daddy.

Daddy putting his gloves on Li'ora.

Daddy's gloves.

The fence Christian cleared on Saturday. It was covered in briers.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tour #3 - The Girls Room

So.... my - I should say, the girls - room was finally clean enough to take pictures of!!! Yea!!!! :P :D The pictures were difficult to edit though. The lighting and glare seemed to be really bad...

The entrance... Sorry about the trash can... I didnt' even notice it until I was editing the pictures. :P

Ta DA!!!! That's it. ;)

Lightening & Hail

We had a storm roll through last week and we were able to watch an amazing lightening show!
What was kinda funny was that the next day, people all over Doniphan were saying how windy it was and that there had been tornadoes! Well, we hardly had any wind, except the normal that comes with storms. We had hail and rain and awesome lightening. But no tornadoes. To cut a long story short, we figured out that the tornado was right next to us. :| Yikes.... Thankfully, I don't think the tornado touched down, but there were a few people who lost a few minor things. We had so much fun watching God "draw" in the clouds. ;) 


This is a still I took from the video.

Lightening video. I slowed the video down, but it's still sooo fast!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tour #2 - The Room We Live In

That's right!! It's the main room of the house. It's where memories are made and messes are unleashed. The only reason its not messy now is because tomorrow is Sunday...And Sunday means Church. The floor will be covered in chairs and people as we once again celebrate Christ. :)

The Living Room

Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Tour #1 - The Kitchen

As I wrote the title to this blog post I thought of the little mice in the movie "Babe" who announce what the next chapter is and then giggle about it. That's what I mimicked as I began the title... and I giggled at myself too. Partly because I kept telling myself that I was going to post all the house tour pictures in one or two posts... well.. now, it looks like you will getting to see ONE room at a time. :P Depending on the order of cleanliness. :D :P Anyway... Here is the kitchen and dining room. 

Smiles, Children, Spring, & Fidget

Sometimes, we are stressed. Sometimes, we are weak. Life seems to be full of chaos,and the same old happenings of everyday. But through it all -the crazy hectic life- God gives peace, strength, grace. He gives it in many ways; through his word, through the fresh smell of spring, and bright sunshine of the daffodils in the fields... He gives it in a smile, in a tone, in a breath. Pause. Stop. Breathe the fresh breeze that flows through the open windows of your house. Ponder the Glory, Mercy, and Love of God. Breathe... and praise. 
The gravel walk in front of our house.

Malachi and Fidget

Emma covers her feet with rocks.

Daffodils and the Bible.