Monday, April 7, 2014

Lightening & Hail

We had a storm roll through last week and we were able to watch an amazing lightening show!
What was kinda funny was that the next day, people all over Doniphan were saying how windy it was and that there had been tornadoes! Well, we hardly had any wind, except the normal that comes with storms. We had hail and rain and awesome lightening. But no tornadoes. To cut a long story short, we figured out that the tornado was right next to us. :| Yikes.... Thankfully, I don't think the tornado touched down, but there were a few people who lost a few minor things. We had so much fun watching God "draw" in the clouds. ;) 


This is a still I took from the video.

Lightening video. I slowed the video down, but it's still sooo fast!

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