Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Goodbye Miss Fourth of April

It was the day I left for Alabama. I wanted a goodbye picture. They sat on the stumps- I got my camera ready. They waved and smiled and said "I love you" through 3 fingers.  It was sweet. And special. Throughout the 7 days that I was away, I looked at this picture. Knowing that I was loved and missed! Thanks boys and girls. I love you too. :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family on the "Farm"

Last month we had one beautiful Saturday. Well... there was probably more than one. But this is the one I remember.  :-) Anyway, it was a gorgeous spring day and when there is a gorgeous spring day, there tends to be lots of outside work. ;-) Dad broke the Garden ground for the first time this year and Christian and Jericho made raised beds for our potatoes and also made the table! Pictured below! I made communion bread and Mom and the other boys cleaned out the chicken coup. Emma played. So did Li'ora. But she mostly napped. ;-) After the bread was done, I went out to help in the yard but found the everyone was finishing up. So, I shoveled some dirt onto the potatoes Mom had planted. And that rounded up the day.
Just telling you everything we did does not do justice to the wonderful day we had. :-D Here are some pictures: I wish they were a little better.... I upload the photos from my phone and I blog from my phone...Which is a little tedious.. Anyhow, Enjoy the photos!