Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I found in the bathroom.

I was on my way to my bedroom the other day and I found this sweetness going on in the bathroom. ;) I was glad that I was able to take the pictures before they became distracted. ;)

To all those that are waiting for more pictures of the INSIDE of our house... They are coming... I will just have to take you on a tour a room at a time. There is always a mess somewhere. ;)

Snow, snow, snow and MORE snow....

I don't know about you, but I am TIRED of it!!! I am so glad spring is around the corner. ;)
About a week ago, we had about 3 inches of ice come down on us, after the ice we received 8-12 inches snow!!! It was hard to get a proper measurement because of the wind. It was VERY windy and we had very large drifts. 
Even though I am tired of cold, wind, and snow, I still found it beautiful. God's handy work never ceases to amaze me. ;)

Boots above ankle deep. ;)

Back yard. 

The back of the house. 

Our little Fidget. :) It was sweet watching her go through the snow that was as tall as her. ;)

The house. ;)

The shrubs at the front of the house. 

The path to the pigs. And a Bible verse. ;) 

The driveway. 

The patio. 

Aslan's Country

A few weeks ago we had a hint of spring weather and I was able to take the opportunity to paint the wood sign on the tree in our driveway. It was there when we moved in and had some very weird names on it... I didn't know what to paint on it at first...We (my family) knew we wanted something Narnian on it. Our minds drew a blank as to remembering all the countries and name, in Narnia so, I looked up the Narnian names online. And this is the one that stuck out. ;) Our little farm is now called "Aslan's Country". :D