Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here Come the Water Slides!

Last month we planned to go to my Uncle Jay's for the a weekend. So on Friday the 20th Dad came home early and at 3pm we set off! On our way to Cape we stopped at our favorite China place and Hobby Lobby. I love that store! So finally at about 6:30/7:00 we arrived at our Uncle's. My mom's brother.

On Saturday, We went to a water park. Cape Splash. It was so much fun watching Emma and Malachi go down the "big" children's slide. There little faces were so adorable! I went down the big water slide. was soooo much fun! It was also nice, because there were life guards EVERYWHERE. It made you feel much safer. Esp. with the little ones. :) ! We stayed there for 2 hours. The crowd was really starting to get HUGE. We went out to eat for lunch. While we were eating Ryans, I saw an acquaintance there. I met her last year. She was the last person I expected to see. :-P Saturday evening we hung around the house.

Sunday, Jay made some omelets. They were so yummy! He put salsa and Velveeta in the middle. MMMmmm....After breakfast we left. Poor Jay. I think he was a little choked up when we left. Before we left Cape we stopped at Barns and Noble and drank some Starbucks coffee. I would not recommend the Caramel Macciatto. It wasn't anything to brag about. :P We spent at least 2 hours there. :P I got a crochet book and Pooh Bear to read to Emma and Malachi. Jericho bought me the Secret Garden book for my graduation. Wasn't that sweet? :)

Well...That is the summary of the weekend. It was such a blast!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A few highlights...

The night of the 10th we went to the Har.'s house. We were having such a grand time that we ended up not getting home till midnight! We only live 15 minutes away from them - thankfully.

The rest of the week was kinda normal. Until Friday. Mom went on a date with her Dad. They went to Jonesboro for lunch and Barns and Noble. I got to be the "mom" for a day! ;-) :-D I got to make all the luncheon and dinner.

Saturday we had Bible study. It ended up being very short. All the "discussers" were not there.

Sunday we went to church and for Church fellowship we went to the Hub'.s house. We were having a fish fry. I was so afraid I wouldn't get to help with anything. (I did not want to be board....) So Mr. Hub. put me to work. I got to bread alllllllll the fish while he fried it. It was such a blast. Oh yes! Dad made his famous tater chips. :) They were GooooD too. ;)

Today, Grandmother came over. She just left about ten minutes ago. She is so wonderful! I love hearing her and Mom talk. It seems like I have not seen alot of her recently......

Last night I had some fun playing with my camera and taking pictures at different angles. It makes me glad I did not buy that other camera. The one I have does just fine. :)

That are the only main highlights of the week....I know of several things we will be doing soon.....BUT you will not get to here of them until I get the full even written. :P I shall leave you in suspense! Hehe. j/k

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Memories; the first 10 days in July.

Emma came up to me while I was washing dishes and tells me with her hands held out that her "doggy is dead."
Me: "It is. Are you going to go bury it?"
Emma: "Uhu. The fox killed it."

A little while later the fox came back dead. :P Where do there little minds go. :)
 July 4th we went and saw a movie. There is a big black bear in it. And for a two year old - and 17 year old :P- the bear is really scary! During one of the bear scenes Emma yells " I don't like that lion." Me: Ssssshhhhh. Emma"  Emma whispering and leaning over to me: "I don't like that lion!" LOL it was so comical!
Saw Papa B. in town one Friday and he was rubbing Li'ora's head while I was holding her. He was asking her how she was and then he did it to me too. Rubbed my head and everything. :) It was special.
Giving night kisses the other night Emma says: "Kisses all gone." Meaning, she did not want to give anymore out. :P

Last Sunday Mom said that I looked esp. pretty today. :D :)

July 4th and NO fireworks!

Unfortunately, this year was so dry that we ended up receiving a firework band. That ment no sparklers or anything. :(

Instead of seeing fireworks though Jericho took us all out to the movies. We watched Brave. I really enjoyed. Except one of the scenes were a bit inappropriate. I liked it because it was not all about falling in love and prince charming. No romance (boy/girl stuff) in it. It was a very nice change for a Disney movie.  It was lots! of fun.

That night we attended a Bible Study. He played a really good Sermon Jam and I hope I can share it here. Maybe.

Last Saturday we went to Papa B. house to swim. It has been so hot that the water fungus is terrible this year. They cannot keep it down. After that we came home and had some homemade deep dish pizza. It was BEawsome!

Emma and Malachi and I were making Oatmeal Cookies today. When we went  to put the oatmeal in we found out that the can on the shelf didn't even have 1/2 a cup of oatmeal! And I needed 3 cups! Bummer....

Other than the things I have posted, life has seemed to slow down. I am quite contented. It has been such a joy to be serving my family.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time tends to fly...

Several weeks have gone by and I hardly know where to start!

2 Weeks ago we came down with the flu. Only two of us escaped. :| I thing I got it the worst though. For 2 days I had a headache and I took Aleve on an empty stomach and just about passed out from doing that the next morning. I lost my vision. It was crazy!

Dad's hours for work have changed again. He is now no longer off on Mondays. He is now off on Saturday. We will miss our Mondays. :(

So last week we did not have much going on. BUT this week we had everything going on. :| Oh, Yes! We went to Grace Covenant 3 weeks ago. It was so wonderful to see all our Family in Christ. The H. all gave me graduation presents. They are such a wonderful family! After Church we went out to the Shackleford's farm and Abi and I had a swell time going for a four wheeler ride and blackberry hunting. :)

On Monday (Dad's last Monday off) we went to the river. I actually went under the water this time and when I went under I saw a Carp or a Catfish. He was BIG! And the funny thing is, he was right beside me. It made me jump up out of the water in excitement. :-P

Wednesday through Friday we Shopsitted for a lady. 

Saturday- What a day! Mom did tons of cooking. She decorated a cake and made the cake too. Made some bread, Green Bean Salad. and at 2:00pm we went to my Grandpa B.'s house. We played in the pool, went on a Hot-rod ride- Dad drove. He really can drive! Screeching tires, complete stops to 80 MPH! It was Awsome!- , ate dinner, cleaned. All that wonderful stuff. My Aunt Jess (Mom's sister) came down with her husband and my Uncle Jay (Mom's brother) came down too. (The cake was for his birthday.) He stayed the night with us. We are planning on going up to stay with him soon. :) He lives 2 hours away.

Today- is a normal day. School, Clean-up and funny stories with children. :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Memories

Month of  June:

The other day Mom was holding Li'ora while I talked to her.  Li'ora saw me and waved to me. Fingers and all. :)

While I was babysitting one day, Li'ora was fussing on the floor. I picked her up and she gave me a kiss and a hug. It was so sweet. I cannot believe she will be 8 months old this July. July 4th too.

Emma and I getting in bed. Emma already laying down asks: "Can I pway wid youwr haer?" She has an obsession with hair. :)

Malachi and Emma are my students. This week we started memorizing bible verses. Malachi says his very well: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1 Emma is still working on hers. :) She says it very well and so cute!

I'm sure there are several other "little memories" but I cannot seem to recall them. If I remember any others I will come back and update this post. :)