Monday, July 2, 2012

Time tends to fly...

Several weeks have gone by and I hardly know where to start!

2 Weeks ago we came down with the flu. Only two of us escaped. :| I thing I got it the worst though. For 2 days I had a headache and I took Aleve on an empty stomach and just about passed out from doing that the next morning. I lost my vision. It was crazy!

Dad's hours for work have changed again. He is now no longer off on Mondays. He is now off on Saturday. We will miss our Mondays. :(

So last week we did not have much going on. BUT this week we had everything going on. :| Oh, Yes! We went to Grace Covenant 3 weeks ago. It was so wonderful to see all our Family in Christ. The H. all gave me graduation presents. They are such a wonderful family! After Church we went out to the Shackleford's farm and Abi and I had a swell time going for a four wheeler ride and blackberry hunting. :)

On Monday (Dad's last Monday off) we went to the river. I actually went under the water this time and when I went under I saw a Carp or a Catfish. He was BIG! And the funny thing is, he was right beside me. It made me jump up out of the water in excitement. :-P

Wednesday through Friday we Shopsitted for a lady. 

Saturday- What a day! Mom did tons of cooking. She decorated a cake and made the cake too. Made some bread, Green Bean Salad. and at 2:00pm we went to my Grandpa B.'s house. We played in the pool, went on a Hot-rod ride- Dad drove. He really can drive! Screeching tires, complete stops to 80 MPH! It was Awsome!- , ate dinner, cleaned. All that wonderful stuff. My Aunt Jess (Mom's sister) came down with her husband and my Uncle Jay (Mom's brother) came down too. (The cake was for his birthday.) He stayed the night with us. We are planning on going up to stay with him soon. :) He lives 2 hours away.

Today- is a normal day. School, Clean-up and funny stories with children. :)

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  1. Sounds like life has been wonderfully busy! Praise the Lord for His blessings in your lives each day. :-)


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