Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Soccer Tournament won - and other side notes.

This last Saturday Elias' last game in soccer ended well. They won the game and the time for the tournament game was at 5:00. The tournament game was intense! The teams were neck to neck for a while. The Black team gave our yellow team a run for our money. Near the end of the game the police had to be called in! One of the young boys' mother told her son - thinking that she could not be heard :( - to "take the the boy who was scoring most of the goals out". Yes! that is what she said! She told her son to take the boy out! Well...The boy "obeyed" and tripped the goal boy so well that the boy rolled! Of course the Referees called that and then the mother got all - not nice.Well, that is when the police were called in. Thankfully, all things were settled without violence. When the game ended, we found that our team had won! It was very exciting to see all of us get so worked up! Even my grandparents were getting into it!

The next day was Sunday. Another one of those wonderful Sundays that you don't want to end. The Sermon was very convicting. It was about Vain Worship. :| Pastor H. talked about how "our works" tend to get in the way of our worship, because we see our works as what WE have done for God. Instead of us seeing what God has done for us.

Today has been very nice. Mom went to her birthday lunch with her Dad and I stayed home with the littles. While Mom was gone, I made an Apple pie to take to the Reformation Party we are going to tonight. I hope to have lots of things to tell! Last year we played Musical Chairs - with adults! Talk about some hilarious memories! The pastor ended up jumping on my dad and completely/practically/rolled over him/missed him and fell on the floor! Or whatever he did! :P He was alright! Ah...We laughed SOSOOS hard!
The Apple Pie I made:
I didn't tell Daddy I was making it....I hope he is surprised! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preparing for Marriage: Desiring God - Free eBook 5 stars!

Preparing for Marriage. With only 4 chapters in this book, I find it hard to summerize all that it has to teach. It is very understandable and Mr. Piper keeps your attention. He starts off with a list of questions that you and the person you are courting should ask each other. That was very helpful to me in the sense that, it showed me what I need to study and what I need to believe on some subjects. The second chapter was about marriage being lived for the Glory of God. Mr. Piper speaks about why this is important in marriage and how it can be lived out. All in all: It was a very well written, biblical book on what marriage is and should be. I would highly reccomend this for marrieds and unmarrieds!

BBB- Blackshear Birthday Bash

With August came the thought and planning for the Birthday Bash. With September came the anticipation....With the week before the birthday bash came the cleaning and setting to rights the rooms and guest beds...It came with cooking 100 rolls ahead of time, 10 pie crusts, and cooking the meat for the stew. The week before the BBB was busy! Then, Friday rolled around. Bringing with it our dearest friend Rebecca. We caught up on hugs :P and talk. Friday night came with starting the Stews...Cutting up and peeling about 40lbs of potatoes became easy when you had about 8 people peeling and cutting....:) "Many hands makes light work!"

After visiting and preparing for the next day, we headed to bed for some much needed rest!  I was so excited about the next day that it seemed like I was awake every 2 hours. At midnight I awoke to some of friends arriving from Branson, MO. Finally, dawn came and instead of laying there any longer, I deciced to get up and get ready for the day. Yes, it was 6:00 am....but, I was TIRED of sleeping. ( Pun may have been intended.) :P

For breakfast Daddy started a campfire and cooked toast and sausage. I love toast and if you do too, then you will think that campfire toast is the BEST!

At about 9am or so, my family started doing some last minute cleanning. By the time the  kitchen became clean, and the lunch mostly prepared, people started to arrive. :) We had 80 people this year. Smaller than what we normally have, but it was still a wonderful party! I was able to visit with many people. In the past years, I have not been hospitable to anyone except my age group. This year I wanted to make sure to talk to people who came to see us and have a wonderful time. It was a big blessing.... To be able to visit with so many people that is. The Almighty, has been very good to give so many WONDERFUL friends!

Though gifts were not requested -because your presence is gift enough- we had some friends give us gifts anyway! Thank you all for the gifts, attending, and making our birthdays special! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prep, Prep, Prep....

Preparation! That's the word ya know? Yes, preparation.....This past week has been full of deep cleaning and baking, making pie crust. You wonder why we may be doing all this extra work? Well, I will tell you.

It all starts in August. That is the thought. There will be camp fires, people - maybe 100-, a big meal, lots of fellowship, friends, and joy. It's an annual thing. It is the Birthday Bash! Where we as a family celebrate our birthdays with friends and family! I am so excited!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life is Highway!

Saturday- Our plans to travel to AR for the weekend were canceled. The family we were supposed to stay with had to cancel because one of their children got sick. :( Poor little J.H...:(
That afternoon we headed over to the Soccer field for Elias' 4th game. His team lost. But I think that was a good thing. :) Lowered some ego issues....:P
That Saturday evening we....let's see....what did we do...??? I think we hung around the house...AH! Guys watched some movies and Mom and I watched North and South WHILE doing jewelry! :) I really love working with her. SHE IS GREAT!!!!

Sunday- we headed to Grace Covenant as planned for Sunday. After the sermon and fellowship with wonderful Friends; we headed to the Shack's  farm....WHAT a blast! There new house is BEAUTIFUL! They have almost 200 acres and it is beautiful hiking grounds!  After a Splendid day of fellowship we headed home at 8:30. We really did not want to leave-but it was late and we had a long drive home. :)

Monday and Tuesday Mom and focused mostly on making Earrings for the Craft fair. Thankfully, we now have enough for a display. Lord willing we will sell alot!

Today-Oh MY! what a day! I could almost say that we moved again. Only we are still at the same address that we were at before. :P Now, it will not look so cluttered for the Big Blackshear Birthday Bash coming up! :)   That is the end of the last week..... ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Graduation Pictures!

This last school year I graduated. It is soooo nice not to have to worry about getting your school done anymore. :) Anyway, Here are my Graduation Pics!

"Our only Peanut" and his last walk...;'(

I have told myself before that dog stories are for children....That is until I realized that if you have a wonderful dog; you get a good dog story. Not only for children. God gave us this gift and I want to tell the story aright. :)  A sweet and sad story.

Emma Rose was not more than 1yr. It was the weekend of Bible study night. My Uncle and his wife were over and we sat on the front porch. While we were talking, we all heard a strange noise under the porch. In our curiosity, some of us got up and looked over the rail. Out ran a tanish brown - or was he brownish tan-  puppy. He looked somewhat  like a cross between a Chawawah and lab mix. Though he was never taller than 12 inches. On seeing him, covered in fleas and barely any meat on his puppy bones, we fell in love with him at first sight. Because of his color and small stature we named him Peanut. The name suited him. He was tame and gentle. Loving and kind. I know dogs are not human and that we shouldn't compare them with humans; but dogs do have characters. And that character is either good or bad. Peanut - he - he was good.

During 1 wonderful year, our affection for him grew. And his affection for us grew. He was good and gentle with the little children. He knew they were week and fragile. Peanut knew what babies were.  Never jumping or getting hiper around them...but always giving them a slobbery dog kiss. He played wonderfully with Emma when she became old enough to get a little rougher with him. Emma had always known him. She loved  "Her only Peanut."

When we would take walks, Peanut would tag along. When he would sometimes be on a chain, he would bark at us. Telling us that he didn't want to miss that walk.

Last night, was his last walk. We started out. 1/3 of our walk complete. Some of our path is beside the highway. Our Peanut was distracted and not paying any attention to traffic. We all heard it...Our Peanut...The Gift was given and taken away... Thank you Lord for the gift of Peanut and fun He brought to our lives.

"The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD." ~ Job 1:21

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Would you go with me?"

That is the name of the song. Sung by Josh Turner. He also sings Long Black Train. Would you go with me?

The song is about a young boy and girl who always played together...They grow up get married and the wife dies...:( And he says "would you go with me? " That is where I cried. After a while they are together agian. It is my new FAVORITE song!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a!

That is right! Busy as a Bee Hive seems to be the title nowadays! Mom and I have been busy preparing for a Craft fair. Some of the things we have made are in our Etsy Shop. :)That is on top of all the house work we have been doing.
The school, and having company and Bible Studies.

This past Bible study was very good. We studied the Sabbaoth and had a wonderful discussion. The only problem is that, that is the only thing I can really remember. :P I  will remember when I need to though. ;)

Here in MO we are having early fall weather. :) I am really enjoying it! I hope it will be nice and chilly for the Birthday Bash! We may have to have more than one campfire to keep our 100+ people warm. :)

Little Memories ~ October

October 1st

Last night Malachi walks in the house saying: " What are you guys getting me for my birthday?!" Elias, Jericho, and I all announce at the same time "Nothing!"
Malachi in a much dejected state of mind says : Uh! Yes you are!"
Elias: " It's true. We are not getting you anything. We don't have any money."
Malachi: " Oh. Well, I'll give you some!"
So Malachi marches up the stairs; comes back down handing out $1 bills! LOL! This was all very earnest! None of it was a joke to his little mind. :) :) :) :) :)