Thursday, October 25, 2012

BBB- Blackshear Birthday Bash

With August came the thought and planning for the Birthday Bash. With September came the anticipation....With the week before the birthday bash came the cleaning and setting to rights the rooms and guest beds...It came with cooking 100 rolls ahead of time, 10 pie crusts, and cooking the meat for the stew. The week before the BBB was busy! Then, Friday rolled around. Bringing with it our dearest friend Rebecca. We caught up on hugs :P and talk. Friday night came with starting the Stews...Cutting up and peeling about 40lbs of potatoes became easy when you had about 8 people peeling and cutting....:) "Many hands makes light work!"

After visiting and preparing for the next day, we headed to bed for some much needed rest!  I was so excited about the next day that it seemed like I was awake every 2 hours. At midnight I awoke to some of friends arriving from Branson, MO. Finally, dawn came and instead of laying there any longer, I deciced to get up and get ready for the day. Yes, it was 6:00 am....but, I was TIRED of sleeping. ( Pun may have been intended.) :P

For breakfast Daddy started a campfire and cooked toast and sausage. I love toast and if you do too, then you will think that campfire toast is the BEST!

At about 9am or so, my family started doing some last minute cleanning. By the time the  kitchen became clean, and the lunch mostly prepared, people started to arrive. :) We had 80 people this year. Smaller than what we normally have, but it was still a wonderful party! I was able to visit with many people. In the past years, I have not been hospitable to anyone except my age group. This year I wanted to make sure to talk to people who came to see us and have a wonderful time. It was a big blessing.... To be able to visit with so many people that is. The Almighty, has been very good to give so many WONDERFUL friends!

Though gifts were not requested -because your presence is gift enough- we had some friends give us gifts anyway! Thank you all for the gifts, attending, and making our birthdays special! :)

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  1. I'm so glad I was privileged to share in the making of your birthdays special! :-)


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