Friday, October 5, 2012

"Our only Peanut" and his last walk...;'(

I have told myself before that dog stories are for children....That is until I realized that if you have a wonderful dog; you get a good dog story. Not only for children. God gave us this gift and I want to tell the story aright. :)  A sweet and sad story.

Emma Rose was not more than 1yr. It was the weekend of Bible study night. My Uncle and his wife were over and we sat on the front porch. While we were talking, we all heard a strange noise under the porch. In our curiosity, some of us got up and looked over the rail. Out ran a tanish brown - or was he brownish tan-  puppy. He looked somewhat  like a cross between a Chawawah and lab mix. Though he was never taller than 12 inches. On seeing him, covered in fleas and barely any meat on his puppy bones, we fell in love with him at first sight. Because of his color and small stature we named him Peanut. The name suited him. He was tame and gentle. Loving and kind. I know dogs are not human and that we shouldn't compare them with humans; but dogs do have characters. And that character is either good or bad. Peanut - he - he was good.

During 1 wonderful year, our affection for him grew. And his affection for us grew. He was good and gentle with the little children. He knew they were week and fragile. Peanut knew what babies were.  Never jumping or getting hiper around them...but always giving them a slobbery dog kiss. He played wonderfully with Emma when she became old enough to get a little rougher with him. Emma had always known him. She loved  "Her only Peanut."

When we would take walks, Peanut would tag along. When he would sometimes be on a chain, he would bark at us. Telling us that he didn't want to miss that walk.

Last night, was his last walk. We started out. 1/3 of our walk complete. Some of our path is beside the highway. Our Peanut was distracted and not paying any attention to traffic. We all heard it...Our Peanut...The Gift was given and taken away... Thank you Lord for the gift of Peanut and fun He brought to our lives.

"The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD." ~ Job 1:21

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