Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life is Highway!

Saturday- Our plans to travel to AR for the weekend were canceled. The family we were supposed to stay with had to cancel because one of their children got sick. :( Poor little J.H...:(
That afternoon we headed over to the Soccer field for Elias' 4th game. His team lost. But I think that was a good thing. :) Lowered some ego issues....:P
That Saturday evening we....let's see....what did we do...??? I think we hung around the house...AH! Guys watched some movies and Mom and I watched North and South WHILE doing jewelry! :) I really love working with her. SHE IS GREAT!!!!

Sunday- we headed to Grace Covenant as planned for Sunday. After the sermon and fellowship with wonderful Friends; we headed to the Shack's  farm....WHAT a blast! There new house is BEAUTIFUL! They have almost 200 acres and it is beautiful hiking grounds!  After a Splendid day of fellowship we headed home at 8:30. We really did not want to leave-but it was late and we had a long drive home. :)

Monday and Tuesday Mom and focused mostly on making Earrings for the Craft fair. Thankfully, we now have enough for a display. Lord willing we will sell alot!

Today-Oh MY! what a day! I could almost say that we moved again. Only we are still at the same address that we were at before. :P Now, it will not look so cluttered for the Big Blackshear Birthday Bash coming up! :)   That is the end of the last week..... ;)

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