Monday, June 23, 2014


Ok.. so it's cute, it's adorable and I just can't get over those RAVIHOEBIES! Aka... Raviolis. Sorry about the background noises, but that's kinda hard to avoid when you live in a family of 9. (soon to be 10.) :D

He's a BOY!!

Some of you may not have even known... but there was a reason to keep it a secret so long. After the chaos that went on twice last year for Mom we waited to make it public until we knew that the Baby would be ok. Now that we know the baby is healthy and looking great we announced it publicly - I should say my Mom and Dad announced it, cause they are the ones that are pregnant... not me. Not only did we announce it but we also found that the baby is a BOY!!!! Yeah for Jedidiah Stonewall coming on 12-13-14!!! Mom's at 15 weeks. There will be almost 20 years between me and my new little brother. ;) The same age difference between me and my Dad. ;)

And he is already a thumb sucker!!!!! ;) :D Already takes after his sis. ;) :D 

Total Randomness

Ok... so all these pics are a bit backwards and forwards and if blogger didn't make it so dang difficult to rearrange photos, I would...anyway... that was a pointless statement...

-------------------------------Last Week-----------------------------

 I played with Emma's hair (like I always do) ;P and my own... Creating a tutorial with my hairstyle pictured below. The tutorial ended up not being so grand, but if you want to watch it, you can find it here. I love Emma's and I can't get over how cut it was!


I think he liked having his picture taken... He just didn't know how close he could get to me without knowing he would be cuddled.... :P Isn't he a cutie! There is so much nature at our new place! Which we have been at for 6 months now!!!!!

--------------------------2 weeks ago, Fathers Day---------------------------

The Saturday before fathers day my Aunt J. and her husband and my Mom's brother came down for the weekend and we celebrated Fathers Day and Grandfathers Day at our house. For some reason I didn't grab pictures of them when they were here... We celebrated by eating, ALOT! and chit chatting and playing Bad mitten. Here are a few pics I did snag while Dad was opening his gifts. ;) Dad made sure to celebrate in his own easy style. ;) Mom had us all fill out a paper saying things about Dad. The littles papers were the best. One of the questions put to Li'ora was: "What does Daddy do at work?" Her answer was that He puts "fresh tires" on. ;) (He's a mechanic for all those who DON'T know that. A might good one at that.)

And that's the total randomness of this post. ;P

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sourdough Bagels - a Success!

Hurrah!! I did it! All those days of studying sourdough bagel recipes and it finally paid off! The only thing I did different in the recipe linked below is that I boiled the bagels for 5 -6 minutes or until it looked like they were done rising. I can't wait to start trying different flavors! The sourdough taste wasn't strong either. Which is nice. To much of the sour flavor can be... well... sour. :P :D

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Malachi's Tomato & Onion Flowers

Back when the plants first came out in the stores, Malachi got all excited and wisely picked a tomato plant to buy with his own money. It's been so much fun to watch him take care of it and get excited about the tomatoes on the plant. Never have I seen a plant taken care of with so much love. ;)

His tomatoes... ;)

Moms onions have bloomed these absolutely beautiful blooms!! I couldn't help take but take a few pictures of them. (I love playing with the camera. ;)

The sun set was perfect for the lightening and I love how the camera fogged up when I took the pics!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 Billy Goats Gruff, Blackberries, and Clearing

Yes. That's right. We have 3 Billy Goats who are my responsibility and I love taking care of them! The brown one is Bambi (Emma named him) The one with the black on his head is Cry Baby ( He is always whining) and the other one doesn't really have a name yet. He needs one that means content or happy. He doesn't ever protest really... I haven't tried him on the chain yet though... so it may be a different story when I do. Cry Baby is the sweetest so far. ;)

I am pretty sure he smiled for me. ;)

Aren't they adorable!!!?

Believe it or not, what looks to be a wad of bushes right here is actually more than just a wad of bushes... It is a wad of BLACKBERRY bushes!!! They are aaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over our property and I can't wait to start rolling in them!

See! Proof that they ARE blackberry bushes!

The Men have been working so hard on clearing the brush and making our yard bigger. It is looking SUPERB! Where the line of trees are and over to the left is how much the boys have cleared. It is alot more than it looks in person than it is in the picture.

I Come to the Garden Alone

I don't know what it is, except that it's the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that anytime I work in the garden, my thoughts turn to the beauty of the Creator and His creation. When I was younger I used to hate working in the garden. But I also hated God. Now, as I grow older, and hopefully wiser, the Lord gives me joy in gardening. The weeds don't bother me as much as they used to, and the heat beating down on me makes me look forward to the next breeze he will blow on me. Through the Garden, its growth, and its death, He teaches me about life. How it starts, how it grows, and most of all... how it blooms! This is what I have been doing. This is what He has been teaching me. His Glory. It shows even in the tiniest bloom of a Zinnia.


I am so happy to show you this! My Zinnias are blooming and I can't tell you how happy I am I didn't kill them!

Zinnias and Coxcomb

Our Garden is in need of much weeding.

Our squash has lots of blooms!

As I looked around the Garden I noticed these beautiful flowers! I asked Mom what they were later and they are the flowers of Radishes when they have bolted! They are soo pretty!

My Coxcomb is beginning to bloom.

Easter Sunday Pics

I know it's been forever ago already...And really, I can't remember what all we did... I know we had a photo session and we had the M.s as our church guests. (We love it when y'all come Mrs. M!) These are the photos Mrs. L. took and she did such a wonderful job! Elias had to be the character in our picture . And it wasn't just THIS picture it was ALLLL of them! Little Turd. :P

Our Sunday Group Pic

Mom took this one of us girls and it is one of my favorites! :D :P