Monday, June 23, 2014

He's a BOY!!

Some of you may not have even known... but there was a reason to keep it a secret so long. After the chaos that went on twice last year for Mom we waited to make it public until we knew that the Baby would be ok. Now that we know the baby is healthy and looking great we announced it publicly - I should say my Mom and Dad announced it, cause they are the ones that are pregnant... not me. Not only did we announce it but we also found that the baby is a BOY!!!! Yeah for Jedidiah Stonewall coming on 12-13-14!!! Mom's at 15 weeks. There will be almost 20 years between me and my new little brother. ;) The same age difference between me and my Dad. ;)

And he is already a thumb sucker!!!!! ;) :D Already takes after his sis. ;) :D 

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