Friday, July 12, 2013

The Most Fun I Have Had In Years!

In May of this Year, I was given the opportunity to go to a conference. Mr. & Mrs. W. were very kind to take me and I had such a blast! The Hotel we stayed in, is called Embassy Suites. It is a very BIG hotel and very beautiful. They had a fountain that ran all over the first two floors. Lovely! Here are some pictures. They are not the best, because my cell takes bad indoor pictures.

One Night they had an Family Entertainment night. 
There was music, singing, A Day and A Life with The Swanson family (skit), and a Patrick Henry reenactment. It was SOOOOOO much fun! 

Patrick Henry sat right in front of us! It was an awesome reenactment!

There was also a ball. :) I was asked to Dance 6 times. I did a horrible job, but I had a blast!!!! 

These pictures are at lunch and some break times. Caroline and Isaiah, I watched when Mr. and Mrs. W. knew they needed to take a break from the sessions.

Isaiah was so sweet. He is such a parrot! 

Caroline paid me the compliment as being her older sister on "loan".

The wonderful salad I had for lunch. 

Mrs. W is so pretty. 

My most loved memory is being able to spend time with the Wards. They were very kind and I loved being "a daughter on loan" as Mr. W. states. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful time I had with them there. 

Now you are wondering if I learned anything. Yes I did learn alot. So much that, I would rather not right it down, but keep it to myself. :P

Good times... :)