Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Fire

There were so many more pictures I could have taken this weekend.. but the fact is, I enjoyed the moment. I didn't want to take away from it by annoying people with cameras.. Until evening. And thankfully it was dark, so nobody had to pose. 
Friday morning half of our family woke up with colds and small fevers. I think Dad and I may have got the worst of it. Thankfully, we are all on the mend now. Since we all had colds, we thought it best not have church. Dad came home on Saturday and we did some yard work. Cutting and stacking wood to sell, burning a big brush pile...Dad's really got the place looking nice! He has cleared so much brush! Sunday seems to be when the most fun began. I wish everyday could be like yesterday! There is something in the air that makes everyone content, everyone busy. That morning we all sat around drinking coffee and talking, and as the time went on we all went to our tasks. Some working with others and some on there own. Even though we are working apart it still feels like we are all working together. Mom and some of the family went and got some adorable Banty Roosters to bring home, I stayed and cleaned while Dad and the younger boys burned anther brush pile. For lunch and dinner we cooked over a campfire. (One of our favorite things to do.) As we cooked over the fire we dreamed and talked about building an outdoor kitchen! The plan is to try and build one next year! Just think, an OUTDOOR KITCHEN! Doesn't that just sound like fun! A new adventure! We will have to learn how to cook very differently from how we cook in the house with electricity! I am really hoping that we will be able to do it next year. Cooking like old timers used to will be fun, and not to mention, it will save ALOT of money. 
After naps and a movie we all went outside again, sat around, made dinner, and got lazy. As we watched the brush pile burn last night we all saw about 6 falling stars. Beautiful Memories. ;)

Mom's Banty Roosters

Sitting at the Campfire

Bubba and Sugar Biscuit - they'er inseparable. ;) 

Dad stirring up the fire...

Elias, Jericho, and Malachi

I was trying to get a close up of the coals but this briar bush decided to do an AWESOME photo bomb 
Ok..ok. ok... so we threw the chair in the fire...what of it? Made a cool picture though. :P