Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Emma Turns Four

Yes, it's been 4 years already. Four years and a couple months since Mom announced she was expecting.. Four years and a couple months since the Doctor announced  that she was a girl. Four years ago, she entered our lives, small, sweet, and an answer to prayer. We had her name picked out for 10 years prayed for a her for ten years, not knowing when or if she would ever be here... but here she is, four years old. It would be difficult to imagine life without her now. She is truly a blessing.
Patiently Waiting. :)
What is this?

Cleaning Supplies!? Are you kidding?
Dolly and me Dresses
One more gift....
Card and gift from a friend.
Cake and Ice Cream.. :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unorganized Pictures

These are pictures from throughout the week. I like these because, they are short memories that have been captured on camera.


All the boys had been learning about air last week. This is Jericho and Malachi telling Daddy about it, as we sit at the Snappy's. Doniphans, pizza place.  ;) 

On that same trip, we went to FROGS. A place wear damaged, out of date, or overstocked things, are sold.
Daddy tried on this Phadora and looked quite well in it I thought. He didn't get though.  He wished he had later. :)

We also went to the farmers market that day.  Emma was given a tomato and she ate it right there on the spot. :P (Sorry about the sideways pic...) :(

Me to Li'ora: "Are you on my Daddy!?" Li'ora to me: "Nouu!" :P 

Last Monday or Tuesday, we had all had a rough day. I decided we needed a bit of cheering up and made some cinnamon rolls.. I truly believe baking is therapy.. :D

The other day Christian I went on a date. I dressed up for him and used some EZBuns. Which is why my hair is wavy. :) If only I could stand it down  more often. :P

Thanks for reading!! :)

Those Uncanny Boys!

I have been trying to have more craft time with the boys. (and girl) Though, we have gotten kinda busy, and I am stumped on ideas of what to do next. But I wanted to blog about what we have done - what we did, a few weeks ago. I had found a craft for tin can candle holders/lanterns. The handle is  made with a wire hanger, and  of course the Lantern part is a tin can. :P
Here they are at work. This day is actually not the day I did it with them. This was about a week after or so. We thought about selling them for a dollar each.. What would you think? Do you think people would  buy these knowing children had made them and that it was ONLY a dollar..?

I love the fact that Elias and Malachi helped each other.

This is the finished product:

This is what they look like in the dark. Well, not quite, they look better in real life. Esp. since the camera on  my phone won't capture all the detail. ;-)

Sew Emma!

A few weeks ago, probably a month ago... I started teaching Emma how to sew a button. I had this idea to use a embroidery hoop, some scrap material, and a button for the lesson. I showed her how to tie the knot, and keeping it tied I let her take the needle through the material. I don't expect her to be able to tie the knot yet, but showing her first and teaching her little by little will be helpful, and not exasperating  to her. After, she had her needle through the material, I began to show her how it is done. She began:

She did very well and I was surprised that I did not have to hold her hand the whole way. (As I had  expected.) I did hold her hand when tying the knot off though. ;) Here is her finished work:
When we are done with these button lessons, we are going to frame them. She did such a wonderful job!!!