Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Those Uncanny Boys!

I have been trying to have more craft time with the boys. (and girl) Though, we have gotten kinda busy, and I am stumped on ideas of what to do next. But I wanted to blog about what we have done - what we did, a few weeks ago. I had found a craft for tin can candle holders/lanterns. The handle is  made with a wire hanger, and  of course the Lantern part is a tin can. :P
Here they are at work. This day is actually not the day I did it with them. This was about a week after or so. We thought about selling them for a dollar each.. What would you think? Do you think people would  buy these knowing children had made them and that it was ONLY a dollar..?

I love the fact that Elias and Malachi helped each other.

This is the finished product:

This is what they look like in the dark. Well, not quite, they look better in real life. Esp. since the camera on  my phone won't capture all the detail. ;-)

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