Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peaches, Pecs, and Bushels

What a weekend! On Sunday Daddy got us all up early and we went to Cambell MO for...drum roll please...Peaches! When we went there we got fourteen 1/2 bushels and sold all but 1 1/2 bushels. Those we cut up and put in our freezer. We sold them buy the bushel, pec, and individually. :)

On our way there we had some funny things happen. My nickname is Peach and this is what happened:

Story # 1.

 My Dad is so sweet... We were on our way to get some Cambell peaches. While we were passing all the orchard Mom said: " I wish we had a peach farm."
Dad: "Well...If Petra ever gets married and has children we'll have a Peach farm. "

Story # 2.

Still on our way  to Cambell, when Christian sitting next to me says: " I can't wait to sink my teeth into a peach!" Then he leaned over and bit me! "Ah! Christian!"

Everyone cracked up. Including me. :)

On Monday we had a fruit stand. My Grandpa Jr. came to see our fruit stand. He told us all the stories about how he and his "old man" would sell fruit by the road. He said it was a lot cheaper then. That was the first time he ever talked about his dad in a positive manner. :) I am glad it brought back good memories for him. :D

What a fun weekend we had!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The First few days of June

Last Friday we had Bible Study. Reading Ephesians 1, Mr. F. brought up the subject of free will and the "age of accountability". It was a nice discussion and all dignity was held. Thank you Lord that no ones friendship has come to a quarrel.

Saturday Mom and I were lazy. We laid around basking in the sunshine and only doing the "necessary" work.

Sunday, We met with the L.'s at Pinewood. A state park. There is a lake there and most of the family went canoeing. We were there half the day and at the end it the weather changed and it started to slowly drizzle. Pitch and Catch, washers, walking/exploring, and talking were the activities.

Monday, we went to the bluff and bargain shopped. We stopped and got Taco Bell on the way home. :-D