Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scenes from the life of Petra :-P

Li'ora fell asleep on Jericho during a movie.. :-)

Emma and I were making Banana Bread one day. I had her mashing the Bananas... I'm not sure that's what she was doing. ;-)

Smile for Mommy. :-)

Malachi smiles for my Grandpa.. :-)

The sunset this last week. I love God's Artwork!

The sunset in the other direction.

I did Emma's hair.

Wallet's I made this week from Hot pads and zipploc bags. They are for a craft fair. And if they don't sell there, they will make great gifts. :)

Malachi was concentrating on something... I cannot remember what.

Mom's rose bush.

Me :-|

Li'ora and her cheesy faces!

The Irises Bloomed!

Li'ora, "talking" to Papa. Her hair is JUST long enough for pigtails!


A dress I made for Emma.

Little Memories - Whatever Month That Was!

The other day I bought a dress from our thrift store we have in town. When I came home, I put it on and showed the boys. They all liked it. But Malachi (6), said that I was "Wawoo! Pretty, and all those pretty words. ;-) When I laughed he gave me his adorable grin and a thumbs up. :-) He is so stinken' cute!!

Emma loves to watch me put my make-up on. She followed me in the bathroom the other day and when she saw that I was taking my Make-up off, she said: "Don't take your eyelashes off!!!" She meant my Mascara. :-D

One day, I was taking notes from a sermon I had read. After I finished, I gave Li'ora my pen. When I saw a mistake in one of my paragraphs I went to take my pen back. I grabbed it and said "Hey, Sissy needs her pen for just a minute.. I'll give it back.." Well, she was not letting go of it. So I started the game of "tug a pen". :-) After a couple seconds she finally yells "Let go!!".. One of her first sentences! :-D Needless to say, I let her have the pen and I got a new one. :)

In March, Mom and I were on our way  home from town. Out my window I saw one of those weaved baskets.. Like the ones you can buy at Dollar General. Anyway, I saw it and when I did I really wanted it. "Mom! I love that basket! I really want it!" While I was somewhat serious, it didn't mean I wanted her to turn around and get. The next day she and Dad went to town. When they came home, Mom had picked up the basket for me! I was so tickled and surprised! Of course Dad had to have some credit too. He said it was
" 'a big job' because he had to turn around for some measly ol' basket!"

Monday, May 13, 2013

Alabama Scenery and Beach Houses

As some of you may already know, 2 weeks ago I went to Alabama with some friends, as a so called "Nanny". ;-) MR. & MRS. M. rented a beach house. Yes! I know! Exciting right!? Evening walks on the beach were delightful. And the scenery was beautiful..! About the 4th night we were there, 

we had a small thunderstorm. It was very pretty. Cameras could not capture how beautiful it was. The dark sky, the rain, and the soft tempest of the waves. It surely displays the magnificence of God.

The storm
While I was there. I took the liberty of writing a couple notes to my family. I wanted to do it every day. But on some walks, I either forgot my camera or didn't know what to write. Or I would write something and the waves would take it away again before I took the picture. :)

Miss U'All

Of all the things I looked forward to seeing the most it was the sunsets. There weren't very many you could see. There were 2 nights that had beautiful sunsets! This is one of them!

These beach houses were down the way from our house. It was neat seeing all the different shapes and sizes.

This was our beach housed. It was very nice and sweet. 

The living room.

My room:

Pensacola Beach - BEAUTIFUL!