Thursday, May 30, 2013

Little Memories - Whatever Month That Was!

The other day I bought a dress from our thrift store we have in town. When I came home, I put it on and showed the boys. They all liked it. But Malachi (6), said that I was "Wawoo! Pretty, and all those pretty words. ;-) When I laughed he gave me his adorable grin and a thumbs up. :-) He is so stinken' cute!!

Emma loves to watch me put my make-up on. She followed me in the bathroom the other day and when she saw that I was taking my Make-up off, she said: "Don't take your eyelashes off!!!" She meant my Mascara. :-D

One day, I was taking notes from a sermon I had read. After I finished, I gave Li'ora my pen. When I saw a mistake in one of my paragraphs I went to take my pen back. I grabbed it and said "Hey, Sissy needs her pen for just a minute.. I'll give it back.." Well, she was not letting go of it. So I started the game of "tug a pen". :-) After a couple seconds she finally yells "Let go!!".. One of her first sentences! :-D Needless to say, I let her have the pen and I got a new one. :)

In March, Mom and I were on our way  home from town. Out my window I saw one of those weaved baskets.. Like the ones you can buy at Dollar General. Anyway, I saw it and when I did I really wanted it. "Mom! I love that basket! I really want it!" While I was somewhat serious, it didn't mean I wanted her to turn around and get. The next day she and Dad went to town. When they came home, Mom had picked up the basket for me! I was so tickled and surprised! Of course Dad had to have some credit too. He said it was
" 'a big job' because he had to turn around for some measly ol' basket!"

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