Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Forgot a picture...

The other day, when I blogged about the pigs going to market, I forgot the MOST important pic! The picture of the men and their triumph over the pigs!

Here it is:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Throughout The Day Pictures

These are some photos that I take throughout the day. And as you can see... I  LOVE Instagram... The only next best thing they could do is make a setting that increases the quality of the picture. I know you need a better camera for that, but.. I can wish, right?

I Love this picture of my Momma. :)

The girls were the first ones up the other morning. Up at daybreak, they both were. I though I would snap this picture. Sweet...:) 

I have tried to make it my practice to get up earlier. About 5ish. It is difficult and I don't always succeed. But when I do, I usually see a sunrise as beautiful as this! This sunrise makes me think of when God spoke to Job and said:
“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?
    Tell me, if you understand.
 Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!
    Who stretched a measuring line across it?
On what were its footings set,
    or who laid its cornerstone
 while the morning stars sang together
    and all the angels shouted for joy?"
Job 38:5-7


The Moon was very BRIGHT a few nights ago. I thought this was a fairly good picture of it...  

Emma got a little crazy! :D 

Elias and I found this poor butterfly. We think he may have been hit by a vehical. If I could have repaired it's wings I would have....

A BRAND NEW purse!!! I needed it! My other one was FALLING apart!!
I am so glad owl fashion has come around again. :D

The Traveling Pig Pen

Last week, Christian and Dad had to make a traveling pen inside the truck. We are going to be hauling our pigs off soon and we needed something to transport them in. This is what they made. The back opened like french doors. Only the doors were latched on with those tightening rope thingys people use on trucks. The name escapes me.... :|

So this is neat. It's a super quick slideshow. It makes it kinda funny. :D Both of them were being silly so it was hard to get a good picture... They all turned out funny in some way though. :D

After all the pictures were taken, I was able to sneak these. ;) They were reviewing the pics Mom took. 

These Little Piggies Went to Market

On Sunday, we had to get the pigs loaded. They were going to the market.. I don't mean the Flea Market either.... :P It took Dad blocking the chute with boards to keep the pigs form backing out and Christian, who was in the truck bed with feed, enticing them upwards. It took a lot of patience. Mom and I helped a little, and they kept telling us how much help we were. Thought it didn't feel like we did much.

Farewell Piggies, We shall meat again. (No pun, intended.) Only under different circumstances, you will be on my plate and I will be eating you.

Getting the Chute ready....

Dad Holding the boards, so the pig won't slide or back down.

I ended up having to go to the other side of the pen- where the truck is-  because the pigs kept coming to me. They thought I had food. 

AND they are IN!!!!! And off to market.... 

In the truck..


This last Saturday, there was a picnic at the Bob's house. About an hour and half drive from us. The Bill's had come up to see the Grace Covenant Family, and there was a picnic held in their honor. We talked, watched children play in the pond and creeks, had a hay ride, and a grand time! My only regret, is not being able to have said goodbye to everyone... :(

I would have more pictures,  but the camera on my phone got sweaty INSIDE! So, I didn't get as many as I would have liked. ;-)

The Hay Ride
(Well, one of them) :-)

BEST Friends
My Mom (right) and Mrs. Barry (left).  I am tickled at how well this one turned out. :) Course.. How could it not when two beautiful Ladies are in it. :)

Me and Ms. Barry ;-)
This is a self portrait. I wish I hadn't cut our heads off. :P 
Sure wish we lived closer Rachel... But I enjoy our letters tremendously!

Pose ABI!
I think life without this girl would have an empty hole in it. :)
Poor Bubbaroni
It's not often that I can snap a picture of my bub. But when I do, he usually hates me for it. :P
He fell asleep on the way to AR. :) 

Some of the Ladies talking. I love how the sun wanted it's picture taken too. :) 

Popeye the Sailor!
Yep! You heard me! Popeye the Sailor is real! He's in this picture! He's got the pipe, the muscle, the whistle, but, there is one itsy bitsy problem kiddos... He's not a sailor.. He's the best Mechanic! EVER!!! Not to mention the handsomest Dad ever. :D

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Let us start from the very beginning.."

"... the very best place to start..."

I though that musical line would be appropriate. :) :P These past two months have been busy. But the only things I will mention are the "big" events. 

Last month, I am sad to say, was not all that fun. Mom miscarried, our sewer backed up again, and a number of other problems came about. Thanks be to God! all the chaos seems to have subsided and we are back to "normal". That is, what you could call normal in a family of 9. :P

Last weekend, the Barry's came up. It was such a blast to see there now family of 10! Ages ranging from 21 to 2. It was encouraging to see them, hear the things they were learning, and also to teach each other new things. Rachel brought me some sourdough starter and taught/showed me how to make it. After lunch I showed the girls -Rachel, Mary, and Lydia- how to trace patterns. :D It was so nice to be useful during our visits!

I have something exciting to share with you too! Dad has decided to start a family lawn mowing business and also sell jams, jellies, and what ever else we can think of at the Farmers Market. We will also sell to people outside the Market, obviously. :P I am so thankful for the togetherness our family has practiced this week. Having these goals have give us all ambition and has already -I'm pretty sure- started changing our hearts towards each other. I thank the Lord, for this opportunity of bringing us together. If you would, please pray that we would find many mowing jobs and that the Lord would bless our businesses and continue to draw us closer together. 

And if you don't mind could you pass along that we mow yards in Doniphan. ;-)

These are the major events of July and half of August. :)

Oh yeah! And we have been having GLORIOUS weather this week! It's been in the 70's during the day and 50's during the night. That means no AC!

Thanks for reading. :)

Instead of Facebook, how about a blog post?

It's true. The last time I blogged it was in July. But it wasn't about the month July, but May. So this post (and maybe the next one) will be all about July and August. Our new beginnings, and some fun facts. (Like the shoes I got today. :P)
But first, a quote. I love quotes. :) This week I have been reading more of the book "It's (not that) Complicated"  This quote really stuck out to me. Made me realize it's okay to do some boy stuff. They are talking about helping your brothers and how to be with them more. How to give them confidence, advice, and so on. I thought they made a good point. Also about having/building good relationships with them.

We all went to town today. They were doing some construction on the way to town. So, we decided to take the back roads. (We hate going through construction zones.) I am so glad we did because we were able to see two of God's most beautiful handy works. Fawns. Mom was able to capture this picture for me with my cell. I could see it, but not well enough to get the picture. He looked at us for quite a while. They are so much fun to watch. :)

I found some super cute black heals at a thrift store today! I needed some new black heals. Esp. ones like these. I can wear these in the winter. They are practically new and they were only $5! That's a pretty good price when you take into account that they are normally about 25 or more dollars.

I also got some much needed black flats. ( My old ones looked pretty bad!) For only $1! Now that was a bargain! I love this style. It goes with skirts really well.

On the way home they little sisters fell asleep. They had enough adventure and groceries shopping for one day!

One of the reasons I went to town with Mom today is so she could teach me how to budget. I hadn't really paid attention to it. Budgeting, that is. This something I will NEED to know if the Lord ever gives me a family of my own. Anyhow. Mom bought groceries for all this week and only spent 80 dollars! We met one of our friends in the store and she said she spends that on just her! Can you believe that?! Mom did the math and she said that if she spent that on our family of 9, we would be spending about 800 dollars a month for our groceries! All I have to say is, way to go Mom! :)