Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This last Saturday, there was a picnic at the Bob's house. About an hour and half drive from us. The Bill's had come up to see the Grace Covenant Family, and there was a picnic held in their honor. We talked, watched children play in the pond and creeks, had a hay ride, and a grand time! My only regret, is not being able to have said goodbye to everyone... :(

I would have more pictures,  but the camera on my phone got sweaty INSIDE! So, I didn't get as many as I would have liked. ;-)

The Hay Ride
(Well, one of them) :-)

BEST Friends
My Mom (right) and Mrs. Barry (left).  I am tickled at how well this one turned out. :) Course.. How could it not when two beautiful Ladies are in it. :)

Me and Ms. Barry ;-)
This is a self portrait. I wish I hadn't cut our heads off. :P 
Sure wish we lived closer Rachel... But I enjoy our letters tremendously!

Pose ABI!
I think life without this girl would have an empty hole in it. :)
Poor Bubbaroni
It's not often that I can snap a picture of my bub. But when I do, he usually hates me for it. :P
He fell asleep on the way to AR. :) 

Some of the Ladies talking. I love how the sun wanted it's picture taken too. :) 

Popeye the Sailor!
Yep! You heard me! Popeye the Sailor is real! He's in this picture! He's got the pipe, the muscle, the whistle, but, there is one itsy bitsy problem kiddos... He's not a sailor.. He's the best Mechanic! EVER!!! Not to mention the handsomest Dad ever. :D

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