Friday, August 16, 2013

Instead of Facebook, how about a blog post?

It's true. The last time I blogged it was in July. But it wasn't about the month July, but May. So this post (and maybe the next one) will be all about July and August. Our new beginnings, and some fun facts. (Like the shoes I got today. :P)
But first, a quote. I love quotes. :) This week I have been reading more of the book "It's (not that) Complicated"  This quote really stuck out to me. Made me realize it's okay to do some boy stuff. They are talking about helping your brothers and how to be with them more. How to give them confidence, advice, and so on. I thought they made a good point. Also about having/building good relationships with them.

We all went to town today. They were doing some construction on the way to town. So, we decided to take the back roads. (We hate going through construction zones.) I am so glad we did because we were able to see two of God's most beautiful handy works. Fawns. Mom was able to capture this picture for me with my cell. I could see it, but not well enough to get the picture. He looked at us for quite a while. They are so much fun to watch. :)

I found some super cute black heals at a thrift store today! I needed some new black heals. Esp. ones like these. I can wear these in the winter. They are practically new and they were only $5! That's a pretty good price when you take into account that they are normally about 25 or more dollars.

I also got some much needed black flats. ( My old ones looked pretty bad!) For only $1! Now that was a bargain! I love this style. It goes with skirts really well.

On the way home they little sisters fell asleep. They had enough adventure and groceries shopping for one day!

One of the reasons I went to town with Mom today is so she could teach me how to budget. I hadn't really paid attention to it. Budgeting, that is. This something I will NEED to know if the Lord ever gives me a family of my own. Anyhow. Mom bought groceries for all this week and only spent 80 dollars! We met one of our friends in the store and she said she spends that on just her! Can you believe that?! Mom did the math and she said that if she spent that on our family of 9, we would be spending about 800 dollars a month for our groceries! All I have to say is, way to go Mom! :)

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