Friday, August 16, 2013

"Let us start from the very beginning.."

"... the very best place to start..."

I though that musical line would be appropriate. :) :P These past two months have been busy. But the only things I will mention are the "big" events. 

Last month, I am sad to say, was not all that fun. Mom miscarried, our sewer backed up again, and a number of other problems came about. Thanks be to God! all the chaos seems to have subsided and we are back to "normal". That is, what you could call normal in a family of 9. :P

Last weekend, the Barry's came up. It was such a blast to see there now family of 10! Ages ranging from 21 to 2. It was encouraging to see them, hear the things they were learning, and also to teach each other new things. Rachel brought me some sourdough starter and taught/showed me how to make it. After lunch I showed the girls -Rachel, Mary, and Lydia- how to trace patterns. :D It was so nice to be useful during our visits!

I have something exciting to share with you too! Dad has decided to start a family lawn mowing business and also sell jams, jellies, and what ever else we can think of at the Farmers Market. We will also sell to people outside the Market, obviously. :P I am so thankful for the togetherness our family has practiced this week. Having these goals have give us all ambition and has already -I'm pretty sure- started changing our hearts towards each other. I thank the Lord, for this opportunity of bringing us together. If you would, please pray that we would find many mowing jobs and that the Lord would bless our businesses and continue to draw us closer together. 

And if you don't mind could you pass along that we mow yards in Doniphan. ;-)

These are the major events of July and half of August. :)

Oh yeah! And we have been having GLORIOUS weather this week! It's been in the 70's during the day and 50's during the night. That means no AC!

Thanks for reading. :)

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