Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scenes from the life of Petra :-P

Li'ora fell asleep on Jericho during a movie.. :-)

Emma and I were making Banana Bread one day. I had her mashing the Bananas... I'm not sure that's what she was doing. ;-)

Smile for Mommy. :-)

Malachi smiles for my Grandpa.. :-)

The sunset this last week. I love God's Artwork!

The sunset in the other direction.

I did Emma's hair.

Wallet's I made this week from Hot pads and zipploc bags. They are for a craft fair. And if they don't sell there, they will make great gifts. :)

Malachi was concentrating on something... I cannot remember what.

Mom's rose bush.

Me :-|

Li'ora and her cheesy faces!

The Irises Bloomed!

Li'ora, "talking" to Papa. Her hair is JUST long enough for pigtails!


A dress I made for Emma.

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