Monday, June 23, 2014

Total Randomness

Ok... so all these pics are a bit backwards and forwards and if blogger didn't make it so dang difficult to rearrange photos, I would...anyway... that was a pointless statement...

-------------------------------Last Week-----------------------------

 I played with Emma's hair (like I always do) ;P and my own... Creating a tutorial with my hairstyle pictured below. The tutorial ended up not being so grand, but if you want to watch it, you can find it here. I love Emma's and I can't get over how cut it was!


I think he liked having his picture taken... He just didn't know how close he could get to me without knowing he would be cuddled.... :P Isn't he a cutie! There is so much nature at our new place! Which we have been at for 6 months now!!!!!

--------------------------2 weeks ago, Fathers Day---------------------------

The Saturday before fathers day my Aunt J. and her husband and my Mom's brother came down for the weekend and we celebrated Fathers Day and Grandfathers Day at our house. For some reason I didn't grab pictures of them when they were here... We celebrated by eating, ALOT! and chit chatting and playing Bad mitten. Here are a few pics I did snag while Dad was opening his gifts. ;) Dad made sure to celebrate in his own easy style. ;) Mom had us all fill out a paper saying things about Dad. The littles papers were the best. One of the questions put to Li'ora was: "What does Daddy do at work?" Her answer was that He puts "fresh tires" on. ;) (He's a mechanic for all those who DON'T know that. A might good one at that.)

And that's the total randomness of this post. ;P

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