Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a Month..Week...day...WhatEVER!

That is right! Busy as a Bee Hive seems to be the title nowadays! Mom and I have been busy preparing for a Craft fair. Some of the things we have made are in our Etsy Shop. :)That is on top of all the house work we have been doing.
The school, and having company and Bible Studies.

This past Bible study was very good. We studied the Sabbaoth and had a wonderful discussion. The only problem is that, that is the only thing I can really remember. :P I  will remember when I need to though. ;)

Here in MO we are having early fall weather. :) I am really enjoying it! I hope it will be nice and chilly for the Birthday Bash! We may have to have more than one campfire to keep our 100+ people warm. :)

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