Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A few highlights...

The night of the 10th we went to the Har.'s house. We were having such a grand time that we ended up not getting home till midnight! We only live 15 minutes away from them - thankfully.

The rest of the week was kinda normal. Until Friday. Mom went on a date with her Dad. They went to Jonesboro for lunch and Barns and Noble. I got to be the "mom" for a day! ;-) :-D I got to make all the luncheon and dinner.

Saturday we had Bible study. It ended up being very short. All the "discussers" were not there.

Sunday we went to church and for Church fellowship we went to the Hub'.s house. We were having a fish fry. I was so afraid I wouldn't get to help with anything. (I did not want to be board....) So Mr. Hub. put me to work. I got to bread alllllllll the fish while he fried it. It was such a blast. Oh yes! Dad made his famous tater chips. :) They were GooooD too. ;)

Today, Grandmother came over. She just left about ten minutes ago. She is so wonderful! I love hearing her and Mom talk. It seems like I have not seen alot of her recently......

Last night I had some fun playing with my camera and taking pictures at different angles. It makes me glad I did not buy that other camera. The one I have does just fine. :)

That are the only main highlights of the week....I know of several things we will be doing soon.....BUT you will not get to here of them until I get the full even written. :P I shall leave you in suspense! Hehe. j/k

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  1. Looking forward to hearing what y'all will be up to doing!


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