Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 4th and NO fireworks!

Unfortunately, this year was so dry that we ended up receiving a firework band. That ment no sparklers or anything. :(

Instead of seeing fireworks though Jericho took us all out to the movies. We watched Brave. I really enjoyed. Except one of the scenes were a bit inappropriate. I liked it because it was not all about falling in love and prince charming. No romance (boy/girl stuff) in it. It was a very nice change for a Disney movie.  It was lots! of fun.

That night we attended a Bible Study. He played a really good Sermon Jam and I hope I can share it here. Maybe.

Last Saturday we went to Papa B. house to swim. It has been so hot that the water fungus is terrible this year. They cannot keep it down. After that we came home and had some homemade deep dish pizza. It was BEawsome!

Emma and Malachi and I were making Oatmeal Cookies today. When we went  to put the oatmeal in we found out that the can on the shelf didn't even have 1/2 a cup of oatmeal! And I needed 3 cups! Bummer....

Other than the things I have posted, life has seemed to slow down. I am quite contented. It has been such a joy to be serving my family.

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