Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunsets, Pigs, Yardwork, and Flowers

Last night ended up being warmer and not rainy - unlike what the weather men told us. - I don't think they really know what the weather is... I think they just guess and sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. Like I have said before; they are not God. :) - The men  of the house, took advantage of the weather and went out to clear fence lines. As I may have said before, when we moved in we had alot! of brush to clear. So... that's what every nice day has been having us do... clear brush! ;) 

I took advantage of taking some pictures while they -the men- were working. ;)
I told Mom last night that because the weather is nice we are able to DO things and get to blog them. :D

The sunset
These pigs, I thought were not even paying attention to me when I took the picture. I think it's funny how the 2 big one look like they are posing for the camera. :P Christian is the pig farmer around here. I told him that I was going to start calling him "Farmer Giles of Ham". :D (BTW... that is a Lord of the Rings quote/name. Just in case you are Lord of the Rings illiterate.) :P :D

These bigger pigs will be going to market soonish. :)

Watching Christian cut a tree...

Dad directing Christian

Li'ora (aka. Sugar Biscuit) is saying cheese for me. ;) I love this pic!

Moving branches to the burn.

Malachi was telling me something. ;)

Li'ora handing Mom a daffodil.

Picking up the last of it all.

The daffodils on the back of our property.

The sun had already gone down quite a bit; I had wanted to get the sun right behind the daffodils but it ended up being lower that I wanted. It still turned out pretty awesome though.

Using the brush cutter.

Fidget. I have been training her and she has been pretty good about listening. ;) She is also very adorable and loves people. 

Hugging Daddy.

Daddy putting his gloves on Li'ora.

Daddy's gloves.

The fence Christian cleared on Saturday. It was covered in briers.

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