Thursday, April 3, 2014

Smiles, Children, Spring, & Fidget

Sometimes, we are stressed. Sometimes, we are weak. Life seems to be full of chaos,and the same old happenings of everyday. But through it all -the crazy hectic life- God gives peace, strength, grace. He gives it in many ways; through his word, through the fresh smell of spring, and bright sunshine of the daffodils in the fields... He gives it in a smile, in a tone, in a breath. Pause. Stop. Breathe the fresh breeze that flows through the open windows of your house. Ponder the Glory, Mercy, and Love of God. Breathe... and praise. 
The gravel walk in front of our house.

Malachi and Fidget

Emma covers her feet with rocks.

Daffodils and the Bible.

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