Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Memories: August

Last Friday, Mom took me to get my ears pierced. The piercing kinda felt like a wasp sting. Just without the swelling and poison. :P The earings I am wearing are my birthstone. The Garnet. Emma was watching the entire time. Her face was that of: "Well, there is no way you are going to do that to me." When asked by the beautician if she wanted her ears pierced she said a polite but solid "No". :D

A few days ago I was teaching  Malachi how to write the letter "a". After I showed him, I turning to other "teacher prep". I here him ask me, "is this right?"
Me: "No, write it like I showed you."
Malachi: "But, I want to write it like yours..."
My handwriting is a bit fancy. It was flattering that he likes it enough to want to copy sissy. :)

Yesterday, Emma and Li'ora were playing with Peanut. Our dog. He is very good with little children. Anyway, Emma says to Li'ora somewhat distressed: "Don't pinch my Peanut! He is my friend!"
It was cute, but we had to tell Emma that Li'ora is not hurting Peanut.

Dad went out to eat with Papa B. last night. When he came home Christian had a job. He is now working full time at County Tractor and Equipment. He is growing up.....:) :| Today is his first day. :)

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