Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Happenin' ?

Well...Not much. Not much to report anyway. :P

Last Friday, Mom and I went to a Co-op meeting. That was enjoyable. :)

Saturday, we CLEANED house. Saturday night we had Bible Study. We had a new family come. The Dale's are a wonderful family! I loved how they - how we- did not lose our tempers and acted like Christians studying the Bible. :)

Sunday, we went to church. I am beginning to love this church. It was hard to make the transfer from GC to SGRC. But now I don't like missing a Sunday. :)

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Monday and Tuesday night the Blackshear mowing business mowed two lawns. While we were mowing, I looked up into our friends big front window to see 3 little girls waving away. :)

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