Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I forgot about you blog!

Yes, its true. I forgot about my blog. I don't know how I managed that- but I did.

Instead of writing a huge artical-  I will only put down the highlights. :)

Labor Day weekend:

Dad was off for 3 days! Saturday we hung out as a family and played card games inside - as it was raining.  Sunday we went to Church. Monday we went to the Kent's house! There we had lunch, played wiffle ball, laughed, shot guns, and danced to the Cha Cha Slide!

On the 8th we went to the Jason's house. They have just moved and we got to stay at there new house! :) On Sunday we attended Grace Covenant Church. Seeing old friends, having a good time and wonderful visits!

The 14th the Barry's came over! They stayed until about 7 the next night. All the older Children went on a hike. It had been raining off and on all day. When we started out, there was only a drizzle in the trees. Then it decided to pour on us. We finished our walk, coming back to the house soaked!

Oh yes! And we went to Elias's first soccer game. He is the gully. His team won the first game! We were so pround of him. He blocked a total of 14 balls. The score ended up being 8 to 1. It was a good game.

Mom and I have been getting a jewelry business going this past month. You can look at our stuff here. Treasures by Peachtree  We also now have a FaceBook page. :)  Those are the highlights of the last month or so.....:)

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