Thursday, January 23, 2014

From House to *Home*

The house we stayed in for 4 years.
 Yes. We have finally finished moving every thing that was inside our house. It took 5 days and several Suburban loads to get it here. But, praise God, we are finally here. I have discovered that the hardest part about moving is unpacking everything. You tell/ask yourself: "Why did I keep that?", or "You know, I keep saying I am going to do something with this one day, but I have had it for 2-5 years... I think it's time for it to go.... And so... 25% of the load you moved goes out the door. That's the good thing about a smaller house. You don't have room for junk, so you don't keep it. ;)

Now for a Tour.... ;)
This is the road we have to drive up to get to our house. It is about an 8th of a mile and is the prettiest drive I have ever seen. This is where you pull up to our house. I will take pictures later of the road entrance to the house. ;)

This my friends, is our home. It's so nice to stay in a place that you know is yours. A place you know you can always call home. It looks so much prettier in person and I hope I can give you a tour one day. ;)
Our very own *Home*


After we got back from signing the papers, we immediately packed the kitchen and loaded the beds and couches. It was ours and we were GOING to spend the first night in our home.
This is what the sunset looked like that night. I wish my camera on my  phone would have captured it a little better.  

Sleeping Babes. They were worn out from the days trip and excitement.

Getting everything put in place. ;) Our living room is huge BTW. Bigger than our last house's living room.

 The next morning we were all up early. Before sunrise. When the sun came up our front door made this prism on the wall. It was sooo pretty!

Malachi reads his book to Emma. :) (on the carpet! We are so excited to have carpet again. :D )

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