Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Little Memories - from I don't know when....

There have been several Little Memories for a while now... Though most of them will become unread. Simply because, I didn't have the time to right them down. But here are a few that I remember.

Emma says to Mom one day: "When I grow up like Petra Pooh, I am going to eat all the butter!"
She apparently loves butter. :)

One day we were in the Bluff. shoe shopping for one of the boys. We arrived at Payless, and everyone went on in. I got the baby our of her seat and entered the store. As soon as I stepped inside Li'ora spreads her hands out and says: "Shoes!!! Shoes!!!" in a VERY excited manner! She loves shoes... Esp. if they have glitter. ;) This picture describes her excitement:

Well...that's all folks... Hopefully, this year,  I can keep better track of what they say. ;)

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