Monday, January 6, 2014

Little Memories - We Played Scrabble

Yes. We played Scrabble. Christian, Jericho and I. (Elias had begun the game with us, but decided he was done a little while later.) These are the conversations that followed...

Christian had a stinky "hand" of letters. He asked me if I would trade and "I" for a "U". Before I could really answer Jericho picks up one of his tiles and says: "I'll trade you an "I" for an "I".  ;) I quickly followed up with the next line: "And a tooth for a tooth" It was very comical. :D

Another Funny thing was said during our Scrabble game. But I will have to explain what happened the night before, for you to get it. We had sold some wood and were delivering it. A Certain person ( I won't say who...) was throwing wood out of the truck for the other person to split. At one point I had gone around the truck and as I was coming back through not paying attention to my surroundings - and don't forget it's dark out- when I walked into a thrown piece of wood. WOW did that hurt! It hit me right beside my eye. My eyes and nose watered like crazy all that evening. I was so thankful that I could still see and that my nose was not broke! It was all an accident, and I am so thankful for the Lord's protection. But now... on to the scrabble story...

Christian was getting impatient for me to play my turn...( The tiles I had were kinda hard to make a word out of.) Finally he says in a playful tone: "Would you hurry up you 'black eyed 'P' !" I couldn't help but laugh!!! :D

Last night Dad made our dinner. It was a very delicious! Thanks Dad! :)

Emma was watching me make pancakes (a.k.a. Pan-uh-cakes in Emma's book).... as I added the flour mixture to the liquid mixture she says to me: "it's going to become 'dough ray me'." It's funny how their minds translate songs for what they know.. not what they mean. :) ;)

Thanks for reading! 

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