Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Eve

Like most people our family always stays up till the stroke of midnight on new years eve...This year we did it a little differently. My Grandparents came over for awhile and visited with us. My uncle did too. He was down for a week and we had a blast visiting with him. 

My Grandparents stayed for the snacks but left about 9:30 ish... After that the game began.

Phase Ten Dice... I couldn't help but take a close up. I love close ups.. don't ask me why. :P

My Uncle ended up not staying till midnight and half of my family fell asleep... But the oldest Children and Dad stayed up and waited.... At 11:50 we went outside and waited for the count down. The stroke of midnight came with a loud boom!! All the Redneck Doniphanites shot off their guns... It's always been a tradition in our little town to start the new year off with a grand shoot off. ;)

It was fun....! :D

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