Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Made Butter!!!

You know how you sometimes have those spontaneous thoughts that really, you have no idea where they came from..? I know that I do..and today happened to be one of those days where I had an awesome spontaneous thought. My thought: "Can you make butter in an electrice mixer? If you could it definitely would be lots quicker to make!" So, I looked it up and sure enough! You can! Hurrah! I was so happy to find it out. My one fear was that it wouldn't turn out for me like it did for the person that wrote the blog I read. But it did!!! Here is the blog I scanned over and learned from. The pics are the pics of the butter I made! Hopefully we will be having lots more homemade butter! I was really proud of myself... not to brag or anything... ;)

Before it goes into butter making stage it is whipped topping! ;) 

I hope you try making your own! It tastes SOOOOO GOOD and it's so much better for you! The blog I posted above didn't mention how to add salt... But you ONLY need 1/2 tsp of salt to ONE pound of butter! Mine made about a fourth a pound and so I obviously used 1/8 a tsp.

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