Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Month goes by.....

Yes, another month. A month in which Children become one year older; a month where Friends and family have gathered together; a month of thanksgiving. And with all these goings on; family meetings, gathering with Friends, and fellowshipping with the Saints of God, it makes it seem that time just hasn't slowed. Rather, it has sped up.

With this time of year comes the joy of the Christmas celebration. With all the Christmas Shopping, the Santa Clause sley, the tradition of Saint Nick.....we have not forgotten the Christ of Christmas, the the reason He came, nor have we forgotten the pain he has gone through. As of late, He is almost always on my mind. A few Sundays ago I became ever so grateful for the freedom of belief. The freedom to serve the God we love with an open devotion. As Americans, we don't have to go underground to serve the Christ we love. We are not bombed by falling missiles, nor are our families killed around us. No, we have so much to be thankful for! How wonderful it is that Christ has chosen us! That he saw fit to seek us and call us unto Him! Who could live without His Grace and His Mercy!?

A Few Side Notes

Li'ora turned a year last month and she is now walking EVERYWHERE! The greatest thing about her is she loves to make people laugh! She has such a sense of humour.

Malachi turned six and I think has finally hit a growth spurt! :P Malachi can win you with his cute little faces! Even when he is being naughty! :P :| Which is not always good....:P

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