Monday, November 11, 2013

Jericho's 4th Deer

Jericho's excitement mounted as he marched into the forest. The air crisp and his breath visible. It was his first time to go hunting. He was hopeful. He sat down in the chosen spot. Dad sitting down beside him. He shot his first deer in his first hunting year. The next hunting season, he shot 2. This year, his third year. He used open sites. All of us seemed to doubt that he would get one. But.. he proved us wrong. We have a natural hunter on our hands! A very might hunter. :D

Christian helps hang the deer.

Go around the tree and tie it good.

Let's play with it's feet.

Jericho tries to lift the deer as Christian pulls it up.

Dad comes to his aid.

Proud brothers, proud dad, and proud hunter. Well, there all hunters.. :P

Happy, happy, happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading! :) 

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