Friday, October 25, 2013

Going to Grandma's house! :D

It seems like lately, I haven't seen my Grandma. Except for "Hi and Byes". And I missed her... so, we planned day together. Dad and my brother dropped me off on the way to their work and we began the day! :) We started the day by making breakfast. Sausage and crepes.. and boy were they wonderful! :) We had originally planned to make it a sewing day.. I would crochet, and she would quilt. Well... we didn't really do that very long.... She did a little quilting.. and I did a little crocheting... Though we mostly jabbed and went to town on a little Shopko shopping spree. :)

When we came back, we sat down and she fixed my coat sleeves. They were ripped and the buckle that was on them came off. She made it look SO SUPERB, just like her! :D

At first we were going to put buttons on the sleeves to cover up some of the puckering. Gramma dumped the buttons on the tray, we found some, and then, do you know what she made me do?! She made me, ME! pick up the buttons SHE dumped! As if she could ever have dared! Ah! Shame... :D
(For those of you who don't know me well, I am just teasing. But she did make me pick up the buttons. :})
We later found that we didn't need to put the buttons on the seam, because the seam was on the inside of my arm. 

I was able to finish a crochet shower puff. But that's really all I did.  

Funnies of that Day:
Papa came home for lunch.  We had soup and Gramma asked him if  he wanted "any crackers in his soup".
When he said something about his tractor business back, Gramma looked at him puzzled, and said: "I asked you if you wanted any crackers in your soup, Bill."
Papa: "OH! I thought you said: 'Did you sell any tractors'! 
We all had a good laugh and now we have an inside joke about the Turkey Gobbler that Gobbles up words before they reach the other persons ears.. :P

The next person to get the Gobbler was me. :P Papa asked if I could get him a small glass of tea. Well. I didn't here the 'small' part. So, I got him a big glass. When I handed it to him, he said: "Wow! That's a big glass of tea!"
Me: "oh, I'm sorry. Did you say small?"
Papa: "Yes, but that's ok." A second later he says, "Looks like the Gobbler got to your ear too!" :P

After lunch, Grandma and I went on a golf cart ride through the woods and we got covered in stickers. Gramma started picking them off my skirt, and throwing them down. Well she didn't pay attention to where she was throwing them and when she got done, she realized that she had thrown them all over HER jeans! :P :D It was comical!

It was a grand time! I am so glad I got to be there! :)

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